Damn you Marketplace! *shakes fist*

All right, I’m painfully aware that I haven’t posted back since Sunday night. Yesterday I was chilling with a blue and white fox otherwise known as my SL other half (I can pretty much feel him cringing as I write this. Mwahaha.) and therefore didn’t get much done blogwise. Ahem. I did a bit of hopping around inworld, picked up some goodies and needed a few extras from the marketplace tonight however, but, for some reason when I go to checkout…well it basicallly does this:


Lol. So, as you can see, though my interwebz is working either LL are having a jolly good giggle at me or my network has decided that it’s time to sloooow down. Take it easy. Relaaax. And meanwhile the following is happening in front of my computer:

Alice: ARGH HOW DARE YOU YOU <bleeping> IMMA KEEEL YOU MOFO! IMMA EAT ALL YOUR TOES! <insert similar random hollow threats,rants and general stupidity here>

Ahem. You DO NOT deprive a geek of her bloggies! A very odd conundrum indeed O.o When, or indeed if, this loads tonight and I can get the additional items for my butterfly spread I will post them asap. I will also be reblogging my Curio post from a few days before, not because I’m a lazy mofo (well, that too but…), just to clear up how to actually get the skins lol. I seem to have buggered that bit up somehow. Sowwy 😦

Thank you all for the feedback again, the hits, subscriptions etc.

Please, please don’t think I’ve forgotten you. Technical issues dearies.

Right, I’m off to go threaten…something…with a hammer.


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