We’ll meet again, Don’t know Where~

But I know when 😉

Huge apologies to my regular readers this week. Since my last post, I’ve been pretty crammed up with reality odds, ends, dramas and even the mundane stuff seems to have been taking an age. I am going away Friday morning – Sunday evening this week and unfortunately, that has meant more work. Booo!

So, while I am currently mid-progress with my next feature, this does mean that it will be delayed until Sunday night at least. I do apologise for this however, it’s been unavoidable this week. I just want to reassure you that regular updates will continue and, as always, try to keep my favouritees, bookmarkees and followers in the loop as to what’s going on here. I have not forgotten you and I shall return!

I am one person and unfortunately, this one person’s life interferes sometimes.

However….this gives me a chance to pimp my write for fifty page. If you want to see even more updates, love photography and have a passion for freebie hunting please give that page a glance. Fifty is a regular in many online blogging groups and is fast gathering a pretty prolific following so I would love to add to my team and make an even bigger success of this project.

We also passed the one month anniversary of the blog this week, (which I will be marking in a bumper edition for you all next week 😉 )and I’d just like to express my astonishment and thanks for the huge amount of support, feedback and tips I have received from you all. You have all supported me wonderfully and, in two weeks, I have seen a massive 200% increase in what was already a pretty impressive following for a blog of this age. So thank you and I sincerely hope to keep giving you more of what you like.

On a final note, if you’re really hungry for more while I’m away I strongly advise you to hop down page to my ‘More like this’ links page. You will find plenty of talented freebie and discount bloggers there to sate you until I return at the end of the week. Any fellow bloggers out there too, if you’d like a link exchange, I’d be more than happy to add you to my blogroll and would ask only that the favour be returned. I have had this favour done for me a couple of times already and would very much like to pass it on.

Take care all, have an awesome weekend,

See you on Sunday!

Alice xxxxx


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