Time flies…

And thanks to Curious Kitties, so will we 😉


God, it doesn’t feel like we’re only a week into the New year does it? First week after the Holiday period can seem very drab, very dark and well, quite frankly the stuff cyanide is made for. So, what’s a girl to do during such a crisis? As J.M. Barrie said…I do believe in fairies. I do believe in fairies! Bringing you the brightest and most colourful freebies and bargains today, starting with this fantastic freebie wings and particles set from Curious Kitties. You can find them in their freebie section, where you can pick up a whole host of quirky, random and even some practical things to enhance yours, or a newer friend’s, SL experience. The skin I’m wearing is from Al Vulo as are the eyes and lashes. Hair is an older gift, though still available from D!VA and is a reblog of an original post by Love Trill of FabFree. I don’t claim any credit for finding it though I claim full bragging rights for how cute it looks here ;D

Alice is wearing:

Wings: Curious Kitties freebies (festive)  0L

Hair: D!VA freebie hair (second floor, group gifts 0L)

Hair flower: Lode free gift (marketplace, 0L)

Feather accessory: Needful things Free VIP group gift (80L to join)

Poses in this and other pictures: :.Fudge.: Opening gift poses (marketplace, 0L)


All right, taking a closer look at this stunning dress, this was a steal at 49L from Sugar Mesh Apparel. This creator deserves not only for the quality of her clothing but her designs. Anyone who is a fan of retro/forties/fifty fashions will love this place and, even if you’re not out freebie hunting I’d recommend giving her store as much attention as your graphics card can handle. There is easily twice as much at her store than there is on the marketplace however, the only place i could find this particular deal was the marketplace. Somewhat oddly too, some of Sugar’s things were cheaper in store than on the marketplace hence you’ll find both MP and inworld links for her in this post.  Her designs also come in various styles but have no demos so it might be worth grabbing one of the cheaper items, like this one to check her out if, like me, you go and fall in love with pretty much all four walls!

Alice is wearing….

Dress: Sugar Mesh Apparel Baby doll distressed spring dot dress (phew…49L)
Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ALMOST-FREE-PROMO-GIFT-SUGAR-Baby-Doll-Dress-Distressed-Spring-Dot-Boxed-PROMO-SALE-High-Quality-Rigged-Mesh/4186364

Hair: *LOQ hair* subscriber gift – Tiramasu free to join (oL)

Gloves and bracelet: Grasp group gift (50L to join)


Wings: Curious Kitties (0L in the freebies section)

Piercings: Mad Echo Abbey Piercing (1L)

Wicked Tattoo: Checkers free marketplace (0L)


Okay, any UK/British people passing by might notice that I have somehow morphed into the Eastenders character, Whitney Dean in this picture. LOL. Oh well. Not a bad thing, very lovely girl. Anyways, back to business. I’m wearing the gigi dress given away at Sugar Mesh Apparel and is not only chic, cute and well textured but a very versatile freebie dress. You may also recognise the boots from Coco, a past freebie but, at the time this blog was written, still available. The skin, eyes and lashes are, as mentioned from Al Vulo, though not technically ‘Fifty’ worthy given that they are 70L. I have bypassed this in two ways: 1. The Dressing Room fair at fusion, that these are part of features a lot of items 40 – 70L from similarly talented and well known designers. 2. It’s my blog and I wanna so :)~

Dress: Sugar Mesh Apparel free group gift (0L)
inworld store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamers%20Island/28/50/22

Boots: *COCO* short leather ankle boots


Skin: Al Vulo! Aisha porcelain (Not free – 70L fat pack with brows at the dressing room/fusion fair)

And that’s it 🙂 Any suggestions for upcoming posts will be welcome and we’re still looking for guest or regular bloggers. On my wishlist: 

1: Non human blogger.

2: Futa/herm/shemale blogger (or really any guy feminine enough to show SL that it’s male population aren’t all built like brick sh*thouses.

3: Male blogger.

Interested? Drop me a line. Oh and…keep a close eye on the location I’ve used for today. My computer didn’t like the floor 😦 though fantasy enthusiasts might recognise the store. Answers on a stamp addressed envelope! I’ll be reblogging there in a day or two.


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