Ocean Born

Ahoy there maties! Soooo I decided to do something I haven’t done in a while here on Fifty. Or well…er, at all really. Mermaids! Now, my reasons for doing an unrelated post right on top of Valentine’s day are twofold: one, I got my one and only mushy valentine’s post out of the way simply because…it’s boring. It’s everywhere. And I quite simply can’t be arsed. Nevertheless, I will have a Valentine’s post up this week with a special fifty twist for all you diehards out there. Aaaaand secondly, it is DAYUM cold. Rain, snow, sleet and general crap-ness. I felt like I wanted to warm up. So, why not join me with some sizzling bargains:


Now see, it wasn’t really enough for me to put a mermaid on a beach, looking all seductive and stuff. I decided to put her, where she belongs, near the water but she’s doing it in style. If one is to become living sushi, you do it right! Or at least I do ;D Ariel? Daryl Hannah? Hanging around on rocks, hankering after princes? Well, my friends, who needs a prince when you have little Chico here, my free doggy bag from TuTsy’s. The bag is colourchange, wearable and more importantly, adorable. You’ll also notice my fine tail from Evie’s closet. It is one of several gifts you can get absolutely free without a group tag. Just walk in, turn left and there you are. Insta-fun. The gorgeous skin is a Valentine’s special from the inimitably fantastic Jesylilo.  And finally, the hair is another cracking addition to the Analog Dog Free balls down on the beach behind the AD hair island store. There are plenty to pick up and choose from so why not pay them a visit 🙂

Alice is wearing….

Mer Outfit: Evie’s Closet Nereida mermaid outfit (0L)

Hair: Analog Dog Mint Earth (0L)

Skin: Jesylilo Valentine’s Group Gift 2013 (50L to join)

Tattoos and Jewellry: Angelwing Gold Sin Silks accessories (25L)

Sunglasses: Derp Riot Shades (0L – marketplace)

Lil’ Dog in bag: TuTy’s free colourchange mesh pet carrier Chihuahua (0L – marketplace)

Beach towel, book, parasol, drink, sun cream: LISP Bazaar (10L – marketplace)


All right, all right. Is that more like it? There are a variety of these tails at Taliesins for free 🙂 Upon landing, drop into the water, have a scooch around to the right and you’ll find a variety of nautical freebies such as an AO, a funky animated trident and an abundance of mer tails for both sexes. You can also pick up a cute little dress or two and this bubbles mask makeup which I’m wearing below.


Pictured here is also the February gift from Vero Modero, absolutely free with a group join and, another steal, is this wonderful luscious braid is one of two fatpack hairs you can pick up with a group tag from Eaters Coma.

Makeup, AO, Mer costume: Taliesins bubble makeup mask (0L)

Skin: [VM] February group gift Asia (0L)

Eyes: IKON Optimism Lucid (previous group gift – no longer free)

Armbands, circlet: Angelwing Light Goddess (25L)

Hair: Eaters Coma Gift 3 – Light Silver (0l)

Hair Flowers: LODE Free hair accessories (0L)

Bubble blower (mouth): Mermaid Salvage Bubble blower (1L)

Aaaand finally, a few Nightwish fans may have recognised the name of this post as being a classic album of theirs and in fact the one that sparked the idea in the first place 🙂 Keep tuned for my alternative Valentine’s day special on the way this week, and enjoy my favourite track from the album if you’ve just read that and have a big ? above your head 😛


Queen of hearts!

All right guys, it is February and we are right into the heart of the matter here at fifty: Valentine’s Day! Now, I have had some rather questionable emails concerning my wherabouts these past couple of weeks and I can just hear it now: Alice, you’re LATE! Yes, yes I am and the reason is that I was away last weekend, returned home and was sick as a dog and feeling sorry for myself XD I just want to let you all know that Fifty is flying high and I am definitely here to stay. One of the perks of being Alice Wylde is you guys but the downside is that I AM Fifty at the minute, so if I go, it all goes. Wanna help? WRITE FOR ME! Yes, I’m still plugging that idea. One day I will succeed! Anyways, owing to my absence I have therefore put together a bumper edition for you all, so please, do enjoy!


D’awwww, isn’t that sweet? The er…outfit I’m wearing consists of these adorable red shoes which are a steal at 10L on the marketplace. This adorable little heart pose is also something I picked up, a dollarbie on the marketplace and I thought would be perfect for any homemade Valentine’s cards you boys and girls were hoping to send out to your loved ones(*waves hi to her guy who pops in every now and again* And Trasc…you haven’t rumbled me this time :P). You might also notice the wee potted plants and wall hangings which are freebies as part of the For the love of… hunt, a furniture based hunt with lots of cuddlies, animations and bits and pieces for a cozy Valentine’s night in front of the fire 🙂 more information on that at the end of the post…

Alice is wearing…

Hair: Alice Project Marie Naturals (Lucky board instore 0L)

Skin: Al Vulo Group Gift (0L)

Heels: ::Masha:: DEE DEE Red (10L – marketplace)

Pose: Secret Style Dollarbie (1L – marketplace)

Horns: Dirtyland small bumps (group gift – 0L)

Plants: Cobblestone Vintage love tree For the love of…hunt gift (0L)

Wall hangings: Alouette You’re my Sweetheart For the Love of…hunt gift (0L)

Skybox: Creative Decay *Coffee Bean* (39L)


All right, you will notice several things here: one, that frikkin tail is everywhere! Two, my wonderful neon dreads ;D To come to the point about the tai and accessories…I would like to answer a few critics here who, and I’ve had this said directly to my face first hand, have bitched about Freebie/discount blogs owing to their ‘unoriginality’ and ‘all featuring the same stuff’. My answer to this: Sometimes we do feature the same stuff, but SL isn’t about pre-packaged avatars for me. Mix and match, build your wardrobe and er….as far as being unoriginal goes…get bent. Yes, you can be both cheap and unique. For this reason, I’m going to work more fervently on my mod sections so do keep up to date with us! All right, the hair…Lol. Back to business. This is from the Sinister Sinner Goth hunt and is the prize from The Alice Project. The hunt itself ended on Jan 31st but this infinity pack is still available with a group join to the SSG group (sinister sinner goth). Also featured is the new free group gift from Hush skins and a few bits and pieces I picked up for free at psychotic neko: 

Alice is wearing…

Skin: Valentine’s Skin from Hush (Group gift – 0L)

Tattoo: Heart Tattoo (Teeeeeeeny on throat): Half Deer PMVH gift

Hair: Alice Project Sinister Sinner Goth Hunt (Group join Sinisiter Sinner Goths 0L hunt gift)

Eyes: IKON monthly freebie – Optimism (Group gift – 0L)

socks: Hold ups by Psychotic Neko Freebies (0L)
Mouthie: I eat spiders by Psychotic Neko Freebies (0L)
Bra: Brat Bra by Psychotic Neko Freebies (0L)

Tail: Kre-ations PMVH hunt (0L)

Ring: Bubble Ring by Needful Things/Sweet leo creations PMVH (0L)

jacket: Maai previous gift no longer available

Hair Bow: Y&R Dollabie (coloured to match – mod) (1L – marketplace)

Wings: **AngelWing** Timeless (25L)

Nails: **pulcino** PMVH gift (0l)

Necklace and Earrings: ~Eclectica PMVH gift (0L)

Shorts: SN@TCH 60 days gift pack (0L to under 60days avatar)


Finally, a closer look at several things featured here: One the Hush Group Skin for February (0L with a group join) and the newest addition from Al Vulo’s group gift hut. You might also want to rush on down to IKON to grab these stunning eyes which are available until Midnight tomorrow: remember, IKON’s group gifts last for the first weekend of the month and then they’re gone, so it’s well worth a visit. Also featured are Marie and Wonderland luckboard/chair gifts from The Alice Project. These hairs require no group joins, just a lot of patience and are only two featured. Carrie’s lingerie provided this wonderful little heart bikini as part of their group gift and Enelya’s creations are ever generous with their lucky chairs and wealth of midnight mania boards with only one example in this little red number. Finally, the poses I have used here are only a tiny selection from the numerous generous freebies from E.Ink.

Alice is wearing….

Dress: .::EC:. Lucky board gift Valentine 2012 (long and short skirts included – 0L)

undies: Carrie’s Lingerie Group gift (0L)

poses: Numerous and many freebies from E.ink (0l – marketplace)

Skin 1: Valentine’s Skin from Hush (Group gift – 0L)

Skin 2: Al Vulo Group Gift (0L)

Hunt info:




Under a Blood Red Sky

Okay so yeah, I’ve been playing with Windlight again 😀 I was a little lazy today and, despite having the next three posts done and dusted just fancied something nice and whimsical and fairly er…easy to edit >.> Sowwy. What can I say, dear readers. It’s the weekend and I’m feelin’ laaazy. Anyways back to business:


Okay so a combination of Windlight and this very quirky flexy scarf from Curious Kitties inspired this post, as you can see. You might remember my No<thing Panda backpack from about a month back. Ever since then I’ve been a liiiiitle obsessed with the little black and white fellas so I positively squeed with delight when CK sent their latest group gift announcement out yesterday. The wee bear you see holding onto me for dear life is a Freebie from Love Factory and he can be found in-store as well as many numerous Valentine’s themed gifts for under 50L. It’s girly, it’s cute and it’s effing adorable. Since this can be said of most gifts in-store, boys, you might want to head out early before February 14th rolls around 😉

Alice is wearing…

Hair: Rosy Mood Myosotis free hair (0L) Fatpack

Scarf: =^.^= Curious kitties **NEW** group gift panda scarf (0L)

Panda: Love factory Hugsy teddy bear (0L)

Makeup: {MC} cosmetics gift (0L colour pack on marketplace)

Eyes: Dead Apples Real brown eyes (group gift 0L)

Along my travels I was also able to pick up a few freebies and check out the Femboy hunt which began on January 15th – January 31st. A brief note on the hunt: the hunt is geared towards many of SL’s much loved and one of the most underrated SL communities (in my opinion) in second life:that of the femboy and sissy. Now, while I have found some very beautiful gifts while hunting, the gifts (which are 2L a pop) are aimed more towards female shapes and avatars. Having quite a few femboy friends, I’m quite disappointed that the effort hasn’t been made by a lot of retailers to accommodate those who love girly glam but don’t possess a great big set of boobs, so if you embark on the hunt expecting gifts for a male shape, you’ll be hard pressed to find many 😛  That’s not to say the rest of us can’t profit from these fine creations however, and profit I have…


You will see me demonstrating one of the better gifts from the hunt from 1 hundred – the beautiful  Babe bodysuit (More of the femboy gifts will come in subsequent posts). Detailed, classy and for want of a better word ‘pretty’ (Oh, Alice you slay us with your words – right?). You’ll also see this lovely, subtle skin, a group gift from Shiva which perfectly sets off my group gift eyes from Dead Apples. Aaaand the ears? One of the many freebies available at Bare Rose mainstore and the only fantasy retailer I’ve found to be as generous with their gifts as Curious kitties. You’ll find everything there from accessories, clothing, kimono….even a fab face mask! I’ll using some of these gifts in posts to come so keep your eyes peeled.

Alice is wearing…

Outfit: 1 Hundred Babe bodysuit Femboy hunt gift (2L)

Skin: Shiva female group gift (0L)

Ears: Bare Rose Freebie (0L)

Gloves: *poc* pay as you like latex suit white (1l or whatever you wish to donate!)

Hair: D!VA Marie colour test pack collarbor88

Tail: *babydoll* Free white cotton bunnytail (0L – marketplace)


Finally, I just had to tag this one on the end! Having found the ears, I was having a bit of a potter through *RibboN* and was quite intrigued by some their gatchas. Needless to say, the luck of the draw gave me this cute doll dress which matches the ears fabulously. Notorious for their generous lucky board mesh sweaters (which you’ll find on the first floor, at the back – tip a very ancient post by FabFree), you can’t knock the prices at RibboN. Few things are over 50L and many are below: meshy, stylish, flexi and cheap. You can’t ask for more than that if you don’t fancy a bash at one of the gatchas. This particular one cost 25L and you have a one in (eight? I think XD) chance at a different colour combination.

Alice is wearing…

Dress: *RibboN* Winter Doll (whitexpink) gatcha gift (25L)

Boots: [L u x] previous hunt gift

Finally, if you fancy a bash at the Femboy hunt, here are the details and where to find your hints etc. Be aware that not all stores have their hints up yet but it IS worth popping along to a store since, at least seven out of ten which are unlisted will have their hint in-store. Also, I WANT TO SEE YOUR PICTURES! If you use anything featured Fifty, please do display and tag them ‘Alice Wylde’. I’d love to see your outfits! Don’t forget to tag your creators too and let them know what a great job they’re doing!



Star Trekking across the universe….

So, I was lying in bed last night, waiting to go asleep and had a song someone was singing to me yesterday (somewhat annoyingly) stuck in my head. If you’ve seen the title and recognise it them you know exactly what I mean. Anyways, I was sitting there thinking random thoughts until I touched upon one….what if Star Trek were a porno?


This is me, myself and I acting out that very er…I’d like to say fantasy? lol. This is sounding more and more like a geeky metaphor for self love (get your minds out of the gutter!) but yes, that is genuinely me in three different guises. I’ve done this for a couple of reasons: 1. it’s funny 2. Because I can 3. To display both all shades of this beautifully made and generously given freebie by +NODe and a tip given to me by my friend Anne-Elizabeth quite some time ago. They’ve been languishing in my inventory and, I’ve been threatening to do something truly geeky so here it is!

The ‘Crew’ are wearing…

Uniforms: NODe+ Modulate uniforms (0L no group join!)

All right. So what helps me when I’m putting these outfits together is imagining a little bit of a story behind each of the ‘characters’ I’m modeling. I am a storyteller and writer in my ‘other’ life before anything else, so I suppose it carries over to second life too . So, boys and girls, brace yourselves. Here is Lieutenant Allura…


Yes, we’ve all seen the Curio skins. We’ve all seen the Truth hair. However, the combination of both the gorgeous dark Bean skin by Curio and the January subscribo hair from Truth is just another example of how striking some of these freebies can actually be. I’d also like to point out the ikon eyes here too. Although these are past group gifts, IKON generously give away sets of these eyes in different colours and styles on the first weekend of every month. The heels you see me wearing are part of an outfit featured in FabFree by Cake and are a free January group gift. So..hair (0L). Skin…(0L) Shoes…(0L) outfit…(oL) eyes…(ol). There really is no excuse to look like crap in SL these days. It’s a matter of knowing how and where these things are. So if you have a friend in serious need of a makeover, slip ’em my number. Allura will sort you out 😉

‘Allura’ is wearing….

Heels: [[>Cake<]] january group gift (0L)

Skin and lipstick: Curio Bean Midnight 2 Frex (0l – Gala and Rita announcements group in notices)

ring: Grasp Lily Ring (50L group joining fee)

Hair: Truth January subscribo gift

Eyes: IKON Eternal eyes mesa (past group gift, no longer free)

Glasses: Axl pro glasses (marketplace 1L)

As you might have noticed, my ‘models’ are named after certain members of Star Trek. The original, none of this new fangled crap (cough…on the set of Voyager…cough). These uniforms reminded me of the good old days of Captain Kirk and his crew: short, slutty and fabulous! Allura is a take on a ‘vulcan’ and I’m going to show you how I adjusted got these cute little elven ears for 5L.

StarTrekkiing4 StarTrekkiing5

To the right, you can see very barely the outline of my ‘vulcan’ ears. These can (and knowing me, probably will) be used as vulcan ears for darker skins. The ears themselves are just about right for the price, but that isn’t to say you can write them off. The sculpts are nice, neat and can be adjusted just behind most ear shapes. They’re mod and tintable. The add button is your friend. If you want earrings to go with them…just hit add and adjust where you like. Simples. The ring you can see above is another fine example of how detailed Grasp’s products are. This is one of many group gifts you can pick up for 50L and, bar Earthstones, in my opinion, one of the best jewelry and accessory retailers out there.

Ears: Chi Seid elf ears (5L marketplace)

Ring: Lily ring group gift Grasp (50L join fee)



This is Lieutenant Fruitloop. In contrast to Allura, Fruitloop isn’t sexy, she isn’t very logical and well, I called her such purely because she looks like a person you don’t want to give a bag of sugar to. She’s wearing a pair of lovely boots from beemake (which, in hindsight, my dippy engineer should have worn XP), stockings from Requiem  and freebie hair from Rumina. Also featured is this gorgeous caramel skin from MOJO, their Santa skin, previously featured.

‘Fruitloop’ is wearing…

Skin: MOJO group gift (0L)

Hair: Rumina styles pony tail (0L)

Gloves: Grasp gloves (50L joining fee – Group gift)

Boots: **Bee make** engineer boots gift (0L)

Glasses: [Umeboshi] Castor glasses (10L or luckyboard)

Stockings: Requiem special addition stockings (part of a freebie lingerie set)

Eyes: Dead Apples group gift (0L)


Finally, this is Lieutenant Commander Totty, our engineer. Giggity. You might recognise her as a person masquerading as a kitty cat in my earlier blog posts, but she looked too adorable in this getup that I had to XP It’s also a chance for me to show off one of my favourite dollarbies, this pretty tintable bow from Y&R. I have tinted this to suit my outfit but since the original is quite a neutral colour, you’re free to play around with it as much as you like since it is both mod and very versatile You can also get a better look at ‘Totty’s ‘ tights/pantyhose and pumps in the first pic of the post. And yes, I have flogged Lo*momo until I am blue in the face, but I love them. You should too. If you haven’t popped down to see them, off you pop ^^

‘Totty’ is wearing….

Skin: Jesylilo Autumn 2 (previous hunt/group gift no longer free)

Hair: Lo*momo group gift Canna pink

Eyes:E Al Vulo Aisha TDR (not free – 70L at the dressing room fair with skin/brows/lashes)

Hair ribbon: Y&R Big Bow Hairband (marketplace – 1L)

Tinted tights: Attitudes lingerie (1L marketplace)

Pumps: Mesh pumps by Sugar Falta of Sugar mesh apparel (with Gigi dress 0L)

The Changing of the Seasons


Hello again! Dear God what a weird few days these have been without you all 😉 Monday I was getting me some serious action with a robotic fox (whom I will be showing you all in a couple of days hopefully LOL), Tuesday the marketplace broke (thank you linden labs) and yesterday I was too dog tired to do anything productive, honestly. Anyways, it’s January, it’s cold, it’s dark….but not as dark as it has been. Nights are getting lighter here and it put me in mind of the very subtle changes we all see from Winter to Spring. Roll on please. I’m sick of the rain!  Anyway, the above, as you can see was inspired both by this little musing and also D!VA‘s wonderful group gift. Mariska, as you will see if you pop down to her store has rolled out the red carpet for her groupies and has not disappointed. Of course, what makes D!VA stand out for me are the very subtle, wispy textures that make the hair look a little flyaway and very delicate which, of course was perfect for my butterflies feature. 🙂

Alice is wearing….

Hair and flower coverings (NOTE: Part of a dress. I have moved the headdress to my um…): D!VA 2500 commemorative flowers Group gift

Butterfly on finger with pose: Lolite Frog (marketplace 1L)


Eyes: Dead Apples (Group gift – free to join)


Skin: Al Vulo! Aisha porcelain (Not free – 70L fat pack with brows at the dressing room/fusion fair)


Okay…before I list this next bit…TELL ME YOU SEE THE BUTTERFLIES! These little yellow buggers come from a very charming emitter I found quite randomly on the marketplace and took me no less than forty shots to place and captured without them being in my eyes, boobs or right in the middle of the camera! lol.

Butterflies: Honney Hax Colourchange butterflies (1L marketplace)



Spot the Alice….

Yeah, yeah I know. I meant to give you guys a better look at the Lo*momo cami given that it really is absolutely adorable but, I went out in the snow and pretty much blended in. Anyways, the point of this picture isn’t the cami. Nor is it those really pretty butterfly wings from Papillon. It’s not even that gorgeous red hair from D!VA. It’s the combination of the skin and how you can replicate certain looks with a touch of colour or the addition of a cosmetics layer. The add button is your best friend when it comes to mixing up your look, particularly when you find a skin-shape combination that you really cannot part from. The skin I’m wearing actually isn’t Al Vulo, but a dollarbie from My Ugly Dorothy. I noticed the similarities between the skins, and while you cannot argue with the superior quality and value for money AL VULO gives, this skin is a cheaper, sweet little alternative for a new alt or noobie friend. It’s also worth popping along to Dorothy’s if you’re looking for something a bit more subtle than the bigger names such as Vulo, Hush or Belleza etc since their paid range is every bit as detailed yet won’t break the bank.

Skin: *MY UGLY DOROTHY* 1L skin


Rainbow eyeshadow: CheLLe Rainbow eyeshadow  (30L marketplace)


Wings: Papillon Freebie (0L)


hair: D!VA Group Gift (0L)


Cami: Lo*momo Camisole gift (0L)



Finally, fans of the tv series Grimm might notice me doing my best Adalind Schade impression here. The lovely dress you see me wearing is by Umi Usagi and comes from a lucky board. You may remember my fairies blog post (and yes, as my friend asked me: what’re the differences between your fairies and butterflies? My answer to that: …shut up. I’m a wing fetishist XD) the beautiful fields of flowers behind me. These were at Umi. It’s well worth a visit not only to see Umi’s innovative styles, grab a few things from the lucky boards but also to wander around the stunning surroundings. Anyways, enough about that. On with the show:

Dress and hairbow: Umi Usagi Lucky board (0L)


Pumps: Evie’s Closet Fantasy (part of a fairy freebie – 0L)


hair: alice project Steph (previous group gift, now for sale inworld)

Wings: Wishbox Freebie (0L)


Eyes: Umi’s Newbie gift (under 60L)


Okay, so that concludes today’s post and sorry for being absent so long 😦 Also, brief poll I’m throwing out there: This particular avatar, Alice, is only two months old for a reason. If you would like to see some of the sixty days gifts illustrated in here please let me know. I might just list them, I might model them but it really depends on whether my current readers will get anything from the photographs, since they do take a while LOL. Let me know and any feedback you can give is much appreciated

Alice xx

Time flies…

And thanks to Curious Kitties, so will we 😉


God, it doesn’t feel like we’re only a week into the New year does it? First week after the Holiday period can seem very drab, very dark and well, quite frankly the stuff cyanide is made for. So, what’s a girl to do during such a crisis? As J.M. Barrie said…I do believe in fairies. I do believe in fairies! Bringing you the brightest and most colourful freebies and bargains today, starting with this fantastic freebie wings and particles set from Curious Kitties. You can find them in their freebie section, where you can pick up a whole host of quirky, random and even some practical things to enhance yours, or a newer friend’s, SL experience. The skin I’m wearing is from Al Vulo as are the eyes and lashes. Hair is an older gift, though still available from D!VA and is a reblog of an original post by Love Trill of FabFree. I don’t claim any credit for finding it though I claim full bragging rights for how cute it looks here ;D

Alice is wearing:

Wings: Curious Kitties freebies (festive)  0L

Hair: D!VA freebie hair (second floor, group gifts 0L)

Hair flower: Lode free gift (marketplace, 0L)

Feather accessory: Needful things Free VIP group gift (80L to join)

Poses in this and other pictures: :.Fudge.: Opening gift poses (marketplace, 0L)


All right, taking a closer look at this stunning dress, this was a steal at 49L from Sugar Mesh Apparel. This creator deserves not only for the quality of her clothing but her designs. Anyone who is a fan of retro/forties/fifty fashions will love this place and, even if you’re not out freebie hunting I’d recommend giving her store as much attention as your graphics card can handle. There is easily twice as much at her store than there is on the marketplace however, the only place i could find this particular deal was the marketplace. Somewhat oddly too, some of Sugar’s things were cheaper in store than on the marketplace hence you’ll find both MP and inworld links for her in this post.  Her designs also come in various styles but have no demos so it might be worth grabbing one of the cheaper items, like this one to check her out if, like me, you go and fall in love with pretty much all four walls!

Alice is wearing….

Dress: Sugar Mesh Apparel Baby doll distressed spring dot dress (phew…49L)
Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ALMOST-FREE-PROMO-GIFT-SUGAR-Baby-Doll-Dress-Distressed-Spring-Dot-Boxed-PROMO-SALE-High-Quality-Rigged-Mesh/4186364

Hair: *LOQ hair* subscriber gift – Tiramasu free to join (oL)

Gloves and bracelet: Grasp group gift (50L to join)


Wings: Curious Kitties (0L in the freebies section)

Piercings: Mad Echo Abbey Piercing (1L)

Wicked Tattoo: Checkers free marketplace (0L)


Okay, any UK/British people passing by might notice that I have somehow morphed into the Eastenders character, Whitney Dean in this picture. LOL. Oh well. Not a bad thing, very lovely girl. Anyways, back to business. I’m wearing the gigi dress given away at Sugar Mesh Apparel and is not only chic, cute and well textured but a very versatile freebie dress. You may also recognise the boots from Coco, a past freebie but, at the time this blog was written, still available. The skin, eyes and lashes are, as mentioned from Al Vulo, though not technically ‘Fifty’ worthy given that they are 70L. I have bypassed this in two ways: 1. The Dressing Room fair at fusion, that these are part of features a lot of items 40 – 70L from similarly talented and well known designers. 2. It’s my blog and I wanna so :)~

Dress: Sugar Mesh Apparel free group gift (0L)
inworld store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamers%20Island/28/50/22

Boots: *COCO* short leather ankle boots


Skin: Al Vulo! Aisha porcelain (Not free – 70L fat pack with brows at the dressing room/fusion fair)

And that’s it 🙂 Any suggestions for upcoming posts will be welcome and we’re still looking for guest or regular bloggers. On my wishlist: 

1: Non human blogger.

2: Futa/herm/shemale blogger (or really any guy feminine enough to show SL that it’s male population aren’t all built like brick sh*thouses.

3: Male blogger.

Interested? Drop me a line. Oh and…keep a close eye on the location I’ve used for today. My computer didn’t like the floor 😦 though fantasy enthusiasts might recognise the store. Answers on a stamp addressed envelope! I’ll be reblogging there in a day or two.