Limited Time Fat Pack from Catwa 16th – 22nd January!

I was pottering around when the above came to my attention via a subscribe-o-matic. Yes, Catwa have released a fantastic group gift from the 16th until 22nd January. This is a fatpack so there is pretty much every colour under the sun. Here are just a few of these cute hairstyles….


Every colour, every shade and even roots/no roots ^^ And all for the low low price of 0L! Pop down to the store before you miss them!

Alice is wearing….

Catwa Group gift (LIMITED 16th – 22nd Jan):

Time limit seemed right that I should pop this bang on midnight 16th 😉 Well, here anyways. Happy Shopping!


Follow that Rabbit!


Eh, thought I’d drop the seasonal stuff in favour of a bit of random. And what could be more random than a kinky White Rabbbit? I promised kink and while this still borders on the vanilla, as with my fur feature, this marks the beginning of what i hope will be many features like it. This also gives me a chance to show off some of the fabulous hunt gifts out there particularly the hair and eyes you see pictured from IKON and of course, the wonderful Alice Demona has not disappointed with her New in 2013 hunt gift at the Alice Project. Also, get your butt down there if you like any of the hair in my previous posts since they’re all now on sale for a generous 50L in all shades at Alice’s store. Finally, If you haven’t already, check out the hunt blog in my links. It will save you time and money but for everything else, there’s Fifty…

To catch the white rabbit, you’ll have to follow her trail…


Hair: *Alice Project* New in 2013 hunt gift (0L) – comes with infinity pack and cute streaks!

Elf ears: 60 day and under gift – De La Soul

Sweater Dress: mijn boutique ‘With Love Hunt’ (10L)

Skin: *JeSyLiLO* HappyEidAdha (80L joining fee – group gift. Also access to other group skins/events such as the previous Find My Pumpkins Hunt)

Rabbit ears bow: monso group gift (0L)

Necklace: *G Field* Holiday necklace group gift and dress

Glasses: Castor glasses by [umeboshi] (10L) also available on Lucky Boards

Eyes: IKON New in 2013 hunt gift (0L)

Sneakers: [HG] *vajra* shooting star (not free)

Mittens: .:Exposeur:. mittens and poses free gift (marketplace – 0L)

Once you catch her….

With the amount of decent free stuff out there, the sky is the limit.


Peekaboo! A closer look at both the fantastic eyes from IKON and the adorable dollarbie that inspired this feature from YaYo:

Cosmetics: Yayo dollarbie marketplace (1L)

Eyes: New in 2013 hunt from IKON (0L)

Skin: Essences free group gift Amelia (0L)

This has happened more than a few times to me. Being involved in the BDSM world, as I’m sure, hopefully at least a few of my readers are, teaches you that a naughty runaway rabbit usually results in being caught with her panties down! And this brings me to my final post: red spanking marks from the superbly (XD) named Slut Street can be found for free on the marketplace as well as the cute little cottontail I’m sporting.


Spankings: er…Slut Street Marketplace and 0L

Tattoo: [umeboshi] 10L

Bunny pom pom: *Babydoll* Marketplace (0L)

Give a little wiggle and bounce to your escapes with the Free physics from Juicy:

And finally….pulled down panties: Bio Shock Store (5L marketplace but FREE INWORLD!)
Group Gift inworld (0L)

Hunts Featured in Fifty today


Information, gifts, hunts:

withlove hunt

Information gifts, hints: with love

Finding Santa!


Ho, ho, ho….er what did you just call me?! Hello and welcome to my first ‘official’ post! Yaaaay and shit! I bring you good will, tidings and, most importantly, great bargains! All you need this Holiday season both in (and out ;D) of your Christmas stocking. This is also a chance to show off a stunning location, the reindeer village, which is where my shoot took place. The location contains an abandoned workshop, shattered igloo and er…half a Christmas tree? Very traditional and yet slightly off base, which I love. Upon landing in the North pole however, I was shocked to find no sign of Mr Claus himself! I resolved to search the workshop for him…

Location: Santa’s Reindeer Village @ Silver Myst Ranch

Alice is wearing….(TOTAL BUDGET – 1L only!) 

Hair: The Alice Project Free Advent Gift no. 18 (0L)

(Previous hunt gift, no longer available: Alice is running a hunt for the 25 days of advent along with the rest of the Mint Tulip mall – Will post today’s gift right after and do check back right the way up until Christmas for these free gifts!)

Skin: [Al Vulo!] Eleonor *Son of Flowers (0L December VIP gift)

Bikini: 1 hundred Snow Bunny panty set (ol from Acid Lily gallery where you can find other group gifts too!)

Antlers:  [Viita] Reindeer Antler (0L – marketplace)

Tattoo: !::Wicked Tattoos::i – Checkered Tattoo (0L – marketplace)

Necklace: **RE** Christmas Pearls Set **(0L – marketplace)

Eyes: Jesylilo (0L) previous group gift/no longer available

Piercing: [Mad Echo] – Abbey Piercing (1L)

Tourist Stop!


Oddly, I didn’t find any reindeer in Santa’s reindeer village! Nor any elves, nor any sign of the big man himself. I did however find an indigenous species of intelligent polar bear. Upon approaching these bears, I found them not only friendly but talkative! So, I did what any girl would do and took the opportunity for some STF: Silly Tourist Photos! Shown in the picture above are just a few of the fun festive hunt items out and around the grid. For more info on hunts, check my links section 🙂

Alice is wearing…(Gender Bender Santa outfit: total cost: 20L)

Mustache and Hair bow: Alice project With Love Hunt Gift: (10L)

Hair: Alice Project previous advent gift (I’m telling you so that you’ll go go go grab grab grab before advent ends!!! GO!)

Sneakers: CCD Sneakers Santa (10L – marketplace)

Boots: Death Row Designs Hunt gift (0l – Sweet Christmas hunt gift)

Psssst….Keep your eyes on that pipe. There’s a special coming up on it and its friends later on…

I uh….found Santa?


It turned out that poor dear Santa was little more than a mortal man. I caught up with him, and found he’d ah…lost a few pounds! (yes, I am a rather sick person.) And yes…this is a terrifically poor excuse to show off my new best friend: an animated freebie skeleton from Glitterati hee hee

‘Santa’:  Glitterati – bones!

A Small Interlude….


Just taking a short interlude to add more – yes, more! you lucky people! – for my bumper Christmas opener. To the left is a bit of a mix and match – hunt items and group gifts while on the right is the really rather fabulous group gift from Magika, whose creator rarely disappoints with her subscrib-o gifts. Watch out though…might be a bit crowded at the landing point! Right behind you is your subscriber, hit that, then grab your gift! Simples!

Alice is wearing (Left – Total cost: 11L!): 

Hair: Alice Project previous advent gift  (DON’T MISS THE NEXT ONES! GO! NOW!!!)

Tattoo: Gone but not forgotten! Imma Star by XYR designs (0L)

Shorts: .R:R. The Sole’ Shorts – Black (10L – marketplace)

Cardigan: +REDRUM+ Santa’s little Diva hunt prize

Necklace: Bella’s Lullaby (oL – marketplace)

Glasses: AXL Pro FASHION (1L – marketplace)

He IS Real! Kinda…


I needn’t have worried though: the bears have it covered. In an exclusive interview with Santa bear (pictured above), I learned that since the polar icecaps have started to melt in their region, ‘Santa’ and his cubs needed a new home. They came across Mr Claus’ place and seem to have settled in quite nicely. Don’t be fooled though. These bears know a thing or two about what you’ve been up to…it took me far too long to convince Santa I’d been good this year. Spatulas and whips aside. And uh…maybe the odd kidnap charge. However, he finally agreed to let me go with a warning and this free, animated giftbox from *Everglow*…

Santa bear’s present: *EverGlow* – Christmas Gift Box (0L – marketplace)

21/12 Are YOU ready to rumble….?


And finally….

This fantastic exclusive from Corvus, one of the most talented and cheapest gothic designers out there on the marketplace brings you this awesome Christmas gift:

This is exactly my style: thank you very much, Lori Stanton. We salute you!

Anywaaaay, having got my goody bag, I bid farewell to the bears and strode out to face what might be my last day on earth tomorrow. Are you ready? 21/12/12, the end of the world! Watch this space Friday, when I’ll be preparing an End of the World special!

Hopefully I haven’t rambled on too much! For a first post, this has been admittedly quite large though I merely wanted to fill in some space! An empty blog is a sad thing…do hit follow, check out my links for similar sites and see below for information on the relevant hunts used. Enjoy and see you all tomorrow!


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Happy hunting and stay tuned…more coming tomorrow!