Write for Fifty!

All right, as you’ll be aware, as a new blog we have all of one author: me. I like me. I’m a lot of fun. But I’m not you. Or you. Or you. Or you! So, let’s cut the crap and get straight down to business:

  • As of December 2012, I am currently on the look out for some contributors. This is a voluntary position so please be aware of this. This is not a paid position.
  • Contributors will be responsible for putting together their own different looks/outfits and, occasionally, will be assigned feature pieces to blog/write up.
  • You’ll need to be able to commit to at least 2 blog posts a week. This is non-negotiable. If you don’t think you will have time to edit/write and prepare your article, you’re not for this blog. I want to keep Fifty current and regular.
  • Written articles should be at least 250 words long and include detailed descriptions of just what you’re wearing and the price.
  • Nothing over 50L – the only exception to this might be a group joining fee.

Who am I looking for? 

  • I don’t want a plain old supermodel. I’d like a person who is into alternative, retro, kinky styles. The more unique you are, the better.
  • Your avatar needs to be well put together.
  • You will be responsible for editing your own pictures to a certain standard.
  • A hard working, amicable writer will be ideal and, above all, creative and honest.

Still interested?

If you would like to join the dark side, we do indeed have, not only cookies, but aim to provide a fun, friendly and highly beneficial experience of both second life and writing. Send along an application to Alice Wylde inworld including the following:

  • Any relevant blogging experience
  • Several pictures of your avatar – facial picture, body shot and scenic shot.
  • Avatar name, date of birth
  • Why you’re interested in contributing
  • Remember – anything that makes you stand out, feel free to tell me. Furry, neko, elf, human, geeky I’m interested in every and any kind of writer so don’t hold back.

You’ll hear back from me in  two days max if you’re contacted for a trial. Thank you for enquiring and good luck!


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