Sex, drugs and Hello kitty?

Soooo this turned out completely different to what I had in mind. This post was going to be gritty, alternative, rock and roll, sex, drugs…then I found Hello Kitty and that went out the window pretty quickly. I’ll be following up with something with a little more in tune to my original idea but what the hell. It’s a cat guitar. I couldn’t resist.


All right so, to begin with you will notice a few things: one the guitar. Two the boots and finally the various paraphernalia surrounding me. I went on a little marketplace spree and found the amps, radios (which are modified and coloured by myself. They are white by default) and the pose I’m using, all for the low, low price of 10L. Here’s a breakdown of what I’m wearing, holding, surrounded by. I also picked up the kitty pictures from Umeboshi on a lucky board. You might also remember the Lo*momo skybox, featured in yesterday’s post.

Alice is wearing (and surrounded by XD)…

Shorts and boots: *COCO* denim jeans and shirt gift (0L) and Flat ankle boots (0L)

Various radios/amplifiers: Indie spectrum (0L)

Kitty Pictures: Lucky board, Umeboshi

Pose: *Guarded Cross* The Pretenders Jacket cover (marketplace, 0L)

Rockstar1 copy

Finally, meet the second of my under 50L avatars. The shape is modified by me but is from Panda Punx on the marketplace. You can find your pick there at anything from 1L to 10L complete with skins. The tee shirt is from Moncheri and is raising awareness of bullying. You can also see these lovely deep brown eyes, a group gift from Dead Apples. The hair I’m wearing is also free and comes in numerous colours, as is the skin which is not only very striking, comes in many different tones and brow colours and is the December group gift from Genesis Creations at 0L a pop but gives me my most striking Amy Pond pout 😛 Any Whovians out there know what I mean. Accessories are from Needful things and featured far too many times to mention throughout my blog already.

Alice is wearing…

Hair: Rosy Mood Mysotis (0L)

Skin: Genesis Creations December gift (still available at the time of this post on the marketplace – 0L)

Eyes: Dead apples Little Shop group gift (0L)

Shirt: Moncheri Bullying stops here tee (0L)

And finally, if you haven’t already you might want to grab a starter AO from Akeyo or Tutsy on the marketplace if you’re just starting/restarting out in Second life. Happy shopping 🙂


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