All righty, so you’ve found us! Congratulations, you deserve a massive cookie! \o/

Keeping it short and sweet…what makes us different from other ‘Freebie’ hoarders? 

  • we aren’t strictly PG. If you’ve been pinged about mature content, that would be why 😛 We deal in latex, leather and kink as well as all things fun, free and under 50L.
  • We deal in non-human avatars too. SL is full of pretty people, super models and glam pusses. I’d like to show the variety SL can offer as well as the glam.

Not everything advertised is free! You lie! 

  • Actually….nope, you just didn’t read this bit 😛 Occasionally, there will be the odd group fee requiring a membership of OVER 50l. These are rare cases but they’ll happen. And usually only if the gifts are numerous and phenomenal!
  • None of my outfits/avatar combinations will be over 50L. That isn’t how I roll.

I checked something out on your blog but…I can’t find it! What happened?

  • If the post is older than a week, it’s likely that the group gifts/offers/promos expired.
  • How can you avoid this? FOLLOW US, subscribe! You can keep up with all the latest from the team and pick up the things that are hot, now.

Are you recruiting/taking tips? How do I contact you? 

  • Yes, I am currently recruiting new bloggers. If you’d like to apply check out the ‘join us’ section of the blog for more details.
  • Tips, applications etc should be sent via email (fiftyshadesoffree@hotmail.co.uk) or notecard to Alice Wylde, Ayanechi Wylder or Arch Darwin.

Dude you got like, no posts. Wtf?

  • This is a new blog run by myself, Alice Wylde/Arch Darwin/Ayanechi Wylde, only. Yes, I do have a split personality.
  • The blog was started right before the holiday season, 2012. It’ll take me time to get the blog off the ground. If you really want to help us out join our group inworld or refer us from your flickr or photobucket albums. Every little helps and is appreciated.

I want to see more <insertrandomthinghere> in your blog! 

  • if you have a suggestion or request feel free to email or notecard me as detailed above. I love a challenge :>

Right that’s it. Any hints, tips, questions or inquiries that email again is fiftyshadesoffree@hotmail.co.uk. Don’t be afraid to drop me a line.

Oh and if you spam, they’re coming for you. Don’t ask who.

Just….wait. And beware O.o


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