Follow that Rabbit!


Eh, thought I’d drop the seasonal stuff in favour of a bit of random. And what could be more random than a kinky White Rabbbit? I promised kink and while this still borders on the vanilla, as with my fur feature, this marks the beginning of what i hope will be many features like it. This also gives me a chance to show off some of the fabulous hunt gifts out there particularly the hair and eyes you see pictured from IKON and of course, the wonderful Alice Demona has not disappointed with her New in 2013 hunt gift at the Alice Project. Also, get your butt down there if you like any of the hair in my previous posts since they’re all now on sale for a generous 50L in all shades at Alice’s store. Finally, If you haven’t already, check out the hunt blog in my links. It will save you time and money but for everything else, there’s Fifty…

To catch the white rabbit, you’ll have to follow her trail…


Hair: *Alice Project* New in 2013 hunt gift (0L) – comes with infinity pack and cute streaks!

Elf ears: 60 day and under gift – De La Soul

Sweater Dress: mijn boutique ‘With Love Hunt’ (10L)

Skin: *JeSyLiLO* HappyEidAdha (80L joining fee – group gift. Also access to other group skins/events such as the previous Find My Pumpkins Hunt)

Rabbit ears bow: monso group gift (0L)

Necklace: *G Field* Holiday necklace group gift and dress

Glasses: Castor glasses by [umeboshi] (10L) also available on Lucky Boards

Eyes: IKON New in 2013 hunt gift (0L)

Sneakers: [HG] *vajra* shooting star (not free)

Mittens: .:Exposeur:. mittens and poses free gift (marketplace – 0L)

Once you catch her….

With the amount of decent free stuff out there, the sky is the limit.


Peekaboo! A closer look at both the fantastic eyes from IKON and the adorable dollarbie that inspired this feature from YaYo:

Cosmetics: Yayo dollarbie marketplace (1L)

Eyes: New in 2013 hunt from IKON (0L)

Skin: Essences free group gift Amelia (0L)

This has happened more than a few times to me. Being involved in the BDSM world, as I’m sure, hopefully at least a few of my readers are, teaches you that a naughty runaway rabbit usually results in being caught with her panties down! And this brings me to my final post: red spanking marks from the superbly (XD) named Slut Street can be found for free on the marketplace as well as the cute little cottontail I’m sporting.


Spankings: er…Slut Street Marketplace and 0L

Tattoo: [umeboshi] 10L

Bunny pom pom: *Babydoll* Marketplace (0L)

Give a little wiggle and bounce to your escapes with the Free physics from Juicy:

And finally….pulled down panties: Bio Shock Store (5L marketplace but FREE INWORLD!)
Group Gift inworld (0L)

Hunts Featured in Fifty today


Information, gifts, hunts:

withlove hunt

Information gifts, hints: with love

First Fur Feature: Foxy!


*Murrs!* Hello there and welcome to Fifty Shades! We’re all in that limbo between Christmas and New Year and, when not working, it’s difficult to know how to wind down before the celebrations commence again! In that vein, I decided to take myself off on a trip to the zoo 🙂 Now, those of you who have been here before might notice a little something different about me. It could be my wonderfully funky coloured subscriber gift hair from Exile. Or it could be these sparkling group gift eyes from Puppy. Or, it could be this very sleek, very colourful foxy avatar I picked up from Avatar Planet! This fantastic gift is available for a limited time only and shouldn’t be passed up by furries or fur supporters like myself, across the grid. The Aurora Fox is a limited time only gift so grab it while you can! Two shades, an expression HUD, cute twitchy ears and most importantly the entire thing is mod! I’ve also accessorised with some cute furry related gifts.

Aurora Fox Avatars: (male and female inc): [Avatar Planet] Free gift (0L)

Hair: Exile Betty Lou (subscriber’s gift: subscribe, find in history with a second click – FULLY MOD hence the tints I have on mine!)

Eyes: Puppy, Diff colour every day! (0L) – these are made for puppy’s chinchilla though work perfectly well with other fur avatars. (0L)

Skirt: Masoom group gift (0L)

Bracelets and Tatt: as featured in earlier posts, freebies from the marketplace.

Bra: Sn@tch under 60 days starter pack (Free) – The entire reason I created Alice was to see if an avatar could be created entirely out of freebies. What do you know. She can and she was!


Upon taking a look around the zoo, I decided to take a souvenir home with me. What do you think? He’s adorable, right? This is the newest acquisition to my pointless-yet-wholly-cute-things collection. I found this little guy not in one of the enclosures but on the marketplace.

Panda pack: Nothing! Panda pack (0L), marketplace

Furry Nom: Adopt me! From Rainbow Pixels (0L, marketplace)

Hopefully, you’ll all have enjoyed this addition to my collection. I hope to have more non-human, neko, furry etc posts. Fifty shades was created for the kinky, creative and unique among us so I wanted to squeeze this feature in asap. I am also horribly aware of how difficult it is for furs in SL to find good quality, free items hence any tips will be welcomed! Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks too since I am going to do a feature on modifying the wonderful Wingless Emoto’s avatars. Hit follow, like us on Facebook, tell your friends: Fifty is here and staying 😉

Psst…if you wanna skip ahead…

Everything you need from the great fur themselves! Wingless, we salute you!

Edit: By the way, any0ne out there need an AO? Take two ;D

Female AO/Male AO: Tuty’s on the marketplace 0L

Male AO: