Curio Returns With a Brilliant New Gift! *UPDATE 08/01/13*

Fifty Shades of Free...


Edit: Look familiar? 😛 No, I’m not being THAT lazy. Special thanks to Mimms who updated my info on the Curio skins: Yours truly put the group down as ‘Curio’ rather than Rita and Gala Announcements. Duh, Al. Sorry for any confusion causes my lovelies x

Just a quickie from me. Was LM hopping and found this very generous and, as you can see from my pictures, stunning collection of skins given away free in the Rita and Gala announcements Group. You will find the skin not instore, but in past group notices. Follow these steps:

1. Join group (free to join)

2. Go to past notices

3. Find the skins as an attachment over any announcements made over the new year/holidays. They will be named ‘:GP: Party GIrl Megapack’

Gala has not disappointed yet again and, as you can see, the pictures are unedited in order to show…

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