House Hunting….

It’s been a long day here in merry old England, it’s midnight and, considering that i had posted around this time last night, I thought I might take a trip around the grid to explore the numerous hunt notices I’ve had popping up in all directions from my groups/contacts/blogs list etc for tomorrow’s blog. Having said that, I went horribly offtrack and, without any particular real theme or purpose (just how we like it!) I randomly decided to build a little home for under 50L. Or at least a little sitting room 🙂


I’ve numbered these from one to six and you’ll find my references below. The Fireplace, Skybox (with little moon lamp) and shelves are from some of SL’s best furniture designers and are part of the Cold Winter Nights Hunt which began this week. You can pick up each of these goodies by looking for the little snowflake instore for a very respectable 10L. The mannequin is from what next and is a freebie, though while I couldn’t find it inworld, I did find it on the marketplace hence I’ve linked both for you cos I’m good like that. Finally, the heartshaped chair is a freebie hunt prize from the Pimp My Valentine hunt in Ninight Creations.  This little beauty is not only frikkin adorable but comes with so many poses it’ll make your head spin and all of the highest quality. I strongly suggest you visit Nininight if not just to LM this quirky little store for payday. This hunt also began this week and I will be (hopefully) showing you some more of their prizes in the next few days.

1. Vespetine Skybox (10L – Cold Winter Nights hunt)

2. {what next} Paper Doll Mannequin (0L)
Inworld Store:

3. Fireplace from [ba] barnesworth anubis (10L – Cold Winter Nights hunt)

4. Shelf and picture frames Trompe Loeil (10 – Cold Winter Nights hunt)

5.NiNight Creations Heart Chair (0L – Pimp My Valentine hunt)

6. Glitterati Freebie Shopaholic’s Closet with Poses (0L)

Rug: Tynee Things Freebie Bedroom set (0L – Marketplace)

Just because every toon needs a home 🙂 Also shown is that wonderful freebie animated closet from Glitterati and made by the very talented (and very funny – watch her Youtube photography tutorials purely for the funniness) Katey Coppala. You’ll also notice me holding up my shopping bags here. The reason for this is simple. During my hunt, I got sidetracked (‘what, you? Never!’) and stumbled into the little greenhouse at the side of !Go! where I find, for want of a better term, a shedload of very adorable dollarbies 🙂


So, yes, you’re a wondering Alice, you come across a greenhouse full of dollarbies what do you think I did? You’re correct. Dear reader, I raided it.


Here you see me exploring the closet in search of something to wear. Not that I needed it since I might as well have trotted around in my undies all night given how adorable this particular dollarbie from !Go! is. In fact, I’m just gonna shut up. Anything you see me wearing that isn’t otherwise listed has either been featured or is from !Go!. 😛

Alice is wearing…

Outfit: !Go! Lolita outfit (1L)


Alice is wearing….

Dress: !Go! Bloom dress (1L)


Finally, the skin you’ll have seen me in multiple times. While not strictly for fifty it’s from Al Vulo and is called Aisha from TDR Fair along with the eyes. A few other bits and bobs have been featured before too including my nifty little bunny ears from monso and boots from Bee Make but hey, what can I say. I have my favourites!

Alice is wearing…

Sweater: !Go! Moment of relax sweater (1L)

Hair: Catwa subscribo gift Candy (LIMITED – 0L subscribe/join group)

Boots: Beemake designs group gift

Leggings: !Go! Jeans dress pack (1L)

Bow: Monso group gift Bunny ears band (0L)

Finally for the hunters amongst us, here is the information and the links for info on the hunts featured:




Limited Time Fat Pack from Catwa 16th – 22nd January!

I was pottering around when the above came to my attention via a subscribe-o-matic. Yes, Catwa have released a fantastic group gift from the 16th until 22nd January. This is a fatpack so there is pretty much every colour under the sun. Here are just a few of these cute hairstyles….


Every colour, every shade and even roots/no roots ^^ And all for the low low price of 0L! Pop down to the store before you miss them!

Alice is wearing….

Catwa Group gift (LIMITED 16th – 22nd Jan):

Time limit seemed right that I should pop this bang on midnight 16th 😉 Well, here anyways. Happy Shopping!

Playing Dress Up With AngelWing~

**EDIT 16/01/2013*** Special thank you to Lolaa, one of our readers who commented on this post with some extra info. You might remember me saying that I found the sale entirely by accident: Lolaa informs me that not only is there a sale but with a group tag there are some additional items available for free in the back. If I have time I’ll follow this up but keep an eye out. Also the prices might fall further once the creator adapts mesh items into her store. I’ll keep you posted and thank you again Lolaa xxx

Hello Strangers! Reality bites as they say and so I’ve been awol for about three days. Rest assured though dear readers, I have no intention of stopping just yet. However, I fear I’ve changed a bit since last we met…


I’ve asked around and some of the most common requests for the site I’ve had are 1. Demons/fauns 2. Kinky stuff 3. Steampunk 4. Silks. Now, I don’t know how many of you who have come from Flickr or DA or been referred here some other way have tried looking for this stuff but the word on the street is….this stuff is pretty effing hard to find. But, it has been done within Fifty’s budget! Hurrah! At least in part anyway. Fans of Wishbox and Caverna Obscura, you’re going to love this…**Angelwing**, a very similar store for the thrifty, delivers, in my opinion the same quality as the above but for a shockingly amazing sale price of 25L. I do want to mix my posts up a bit more for Fifty but I found this place purely by accident and couldn’t pass up the chance to feature it since I don’t know how long the sale itself lasts. Also take note of my horns from Lemon Tea which are still available on the Luckyboards instore and smudged mascara I found free on the marketplace: 

**EDIT 21/01/2013** And another very special thank you to Genna from SL Freebie Addiction who has provided this tip below for another demonic skin for those of you who missed Al Vulo’s version: Putting it up here since I know, like me, you all might come along click things and miss it LOL! You’ll also find the link to Genna’s site in my ‘More like this’ category. Strongly recommend you go check it out! xx

Alice is wearing….

Skin: Al Vulo – Devil is Woman (previous group gift no longer free)

Horns: Lemon Tea (0L)

Eyes: IKON New in 2013 hunt gift

Hair: Alice Project Helga New in 2013 hunt gift

Outfit Full length dress/accessories/wings **Angelwing** Timeless Dark Sale item (25L for the lot!!)

Makeup: ..::AKA::.. Black Tears Tattoo (0L – marketplace)


As well as some gorgeous fantasy gear, **Angelwing** also has an impressive selection of Gorean silks, complete with slave papers, strippable/removable attachments and some come with lockmeister scripts too! The outfits are fully mod and come with free shapes too (not pictured) and optional sparkle tattoo layers for the more whimsical amongst us (me XD). To top it all off, you get some additional pieces of jewelry. Not bad for 25L eh? The skin you see me in is a dollarbie from My Ugly Dorothy and the hair is a lovely gift found at COLLABOR88 by D!VA. More on that to follow…

Alice is wearing…

Silks/Jewelry/tattoo: Gold Sin Silks **ANGELWING** 25L

Hair: D!VA Marie Free at Collabor88 (0L)

Skin: My Ugly Dorothy 1L Skin 3

pose: Possession Free Group Gift for January


And again you see the Wing Fetishist in her natural habitat! Like I said, I WILL mix it up but this is a limited time only and I really want to promote this sale to people who might want the look of Wishbox or Caverna but don’t particularly have the money. I’m also demonstrating a subscribo gift from AdoreandAbhore given out by a very kind creator who made the poses but didn’t think they fit with a new set. Aww :). Also, take note of the COLLABOR88 special gift from D!VA. To clarify, you WON’T find the hair at D!VA’s mainstore, you MUST visit the fair (LM I will give you again below.) This is another style of the same hair and a demonstration of the shorter/longer hair option available to you at the click of a button 🙂

Alice is wearing….

Outfit/wings accessories: The Spring Fairy sale **AngelWing** (all together for 25L)

Hair: D!VA Marie Collabor88 Freebie (0L)

Pose: AdoreandAbhore Subscribo gift (0L)

Skin: My Ugly Dorothy 1L skin 4 (1L

Pumps: Evie’s Closet Freebie/Autumn Fairy


In addition to the main feature, you’ll have noticed that I’ve found, as I always do some bits and bobs that just make the whole thing pop out at you. You’ll have seen the free D!VA hair featured a few times now. This particular hair is Norma and regular visitors will recognise it, as will you recognise the Aisha skin and mesh eyelashes from The Dressing Room Fair (70L) from Al Vulo. The smoky green eyes however are a teeny item that have stolen my heart from poetic colors and are a subscribo gift. Speaking of subscribos, keep your eyes on the animated mushroom from Model Poses. It comes with numerous poses and is perfect for a fairytale scene or even addition to your garden!

Eyes: Pond Poetic Colors Subscribo Gift

Animated toadstool: MODEL poses Subscribo gift

Hair: D!VA Norma Group Gift (free join and Free gift)


Well, that’s about all I have time for at the moment! However, I’d just like to finish on a pretty little outfit from the AngelWings sale and one of my favourites 🙂 This is also a chance for me to demonstrate the quirky little freebie from model poses once more. 🙂

Alice is wearing…

Outfit: Xylia 25L sale **AngelWing**

The pumps listed earlier are part of a freebie from Evie’s closet, but everything else you see Alice wearing that isn’t listed is an addition from Angel Wings 🙂 I will be updating more regularly this week and am aiming for at least four updates a week so spread the word, bookmark us and keep your eyes peeled for my Noobie Survival guide coming soon and my Fur Mods special (when I find a spare moment lol. I’ve started but this one involves a lot of pictures so bear with me!)

Star Trekking across the universe….

So, I was lying in bed last night, waiting to go asleep and had a song someone was singing to me yesterday (somewhat annoyingly) stuck in my head. If you’ve seen the title and recognise it them you know exactly what I mean. Anyways, I was sitting there thinking random thoughts until I touched upon one….what if Star Trek were a porno?


This is me, myself and I acting out that very er…I’d like to say fantasy? lol. This is sounding more and more like a geeky metaphor for self love (get your minds out of the gutter!) but yes, that is genuinely me in three different guises. I’ve done this for a couple of reasons: 1. it’s funny 2. Because I can 3. To display both all shades of this beautifully made and generously given freebie by +NODe and a tip given to me by my friend Anne-Elizabeth quite some time ago. They’ve been languishing in my inventory and, I’ve been threatening to do something truly geeky so here it is!

The ‘Crew’ are wearing…

Uniforms: NODe+ Modulate uniforms (0L no group join!)

All right. So what helps me when I’m putting these outfits together is imagining a little bit of a story behind each of the ‘characters’ I’m modeling. I am a storyteller and writer in my ‘other’ life before anything else, so I suppose it carries over to second life too . So, boys and girls, brace yourselves. Here is Lieutenant Allura…


Yes, we’ve all seen the Curio skins. We’ve all seen the Truth hair. However, the combination of both the gorgeous dark Bean skin by Curio and the January subscribo hair from Truth is just another example of how striking some of these freebies can actually be. I’d also like to point out the ikon eyes here too. Although these are past group gifts, IKON generously give away sets of these eyes in different colours and styles on the first weekend of every month. The heels you see me wearing are part of an outfit featured in FabFree by Cake and are a free January group gift. (0L). Skin…(0L) Shoes…(0L) outfit…(oL) eyes…(ol). There really is no excuse to look like crap in SL these days. It’s a matter of knowing how and where these things are. So if you have a friend in serious need of a makeover, slip ’em my number. Allura will sort you out 😉

‘Allura’ is wearing….

Heels: [[>Cake<]] january group gift (0L)

Skin and lipstick: Curio Bean Midnight 2 Frex (0l – Gala and Rita announcements group in notices)

ring: Grasp Lily Ring (50L group joining fee)

Hair: Truth January subscribo gift

Eyes: IKON Eternal eyes mesa (past group gift, no longer free)

Glasses: Axl pro glasses (marketplace 1L)

As you might have noticed, my ‘models’ are named after certain members of Star Trek. The original, none of this new fangled crap (cough…on the set of Voyager…cough). These uniforms reminded me of the good old days of Captain Kirk and his crew: short, slutty and fabulous! Allura is a take on a ‘vulcan’ and I’m going to show you how I adjusted got these cute little elven ears for 5L.

StarTrekkiing4 StarTrekkiing5

To the right, you can see very barely the outline of my ‘vulcan’ ears. These can (and knowing me, probably will) be used as vulcan ears for darker skins. The ears themselves are just about right for the price, but that isn’t to say you can write them off. The sculpts are nice, neat and can be adjusted just behind most ear shapes. They’re mod and tintable. The add button is your friend. If you want earrings to go with them…just hit add and adjust where you like. Simples. The ring you can see above is another fine example of how detailed Grasp’s products are. This is one of many group gifts you can pick up for 50L and, bar Earthstones, in my opinion, one of the best jewelry and accessory retailers out there.

Ears: Chi Seid elf ears (5L marketplace)

Ring: Lily ring group gift Grasp (50L join fee)


This is Lieutenant Fruitloop. In contrast to Allura, Fruitloop isn’t sexy, she isn’t very logical and well, I called her such purely because she looks like a person you don’t want to give a bag of sugar to. She’s wearing a pair of lovely boots from beemake (which, in hindsight, my dippy engineer should have worn XP), stockings from Requiem  and freebie hair from Rumina. Also featured is this gorgeous caramel skin from MOJO, their Santa skin, previously featured.

‘Fruitloop’ is wearing…

Skin: MOJO group gift (0L)

Hair: Rumina styles pony tail (0L)

Gloves: Grasp gloves (50L joining fee – Group gift)

Boots: **Bee make** engineer boots gift (0L)

Glasses: [Umeboshi] Castor glasses (10L or luckyboard)

Stockings: Requiem special addition stockings (part of a freebie lingerie set)

Eyes: Dead Apples group gift (0L)


Finally, this is Lieutenant Commander Totty, our engineer. Giggity. You might recognise her as a person masquerading as a kitty cat in my earlier blog posts, but she looked too adorable in this getup that I had to XP It’s also a chance for me to show off one of my favourite dollarbies, this pretty tintable bow from Y&R. I have tinted this to suit my outfit but since the original is quite a neutral colour, you’re free to play around with it as much as you like since it is both mod and very versatile You can also get a better look at ‘Totty’s ‘ tights/pantyhose and pumps in the first pic of the post. And yes, I have flogged Lo*momo until I am blue in the face, but I love them. You should too. If you haven’t popped down to see them, off you pop ^^

‘Totty’ is wearing….

Skin: Jesylilo Autumn 2 (previous hunt/group gift no longer free)

Hair: Lo*momo group gift Canna pink

Eyes:E Al Vulo Aisha TDR (not free – 70L at the dressing room fair with skin/brows/lashes)

Hair ribbon: Y&R Big Bow Hairband (marketplace – 1L)

Tinted tights: Attitudes lingerie (1L marketplace)

Pumps: Mesh pumps by Sugar Falta of Sugar mesh apparel (with Gigi dress 0L)

The Changing of the Seasons


Hello again! Dear God what a weird few days these have been without you all 😉 Monday I was getting me some serious action with a robotic fox (whom I will be showing you all in a couple of days hopefully LOL), Tuesday the marketplace broke (thank you linden labs) and yesterday I was too dog tired to do anything productive, honestly. Anyways, it’s January, it’s cold, it’s dark….but not as dark as it has been. Nights are getting lighter here and it put me in mind of the very subtle changes we all see from Winter to Spring. Roll on please. I’m sick of the rain!  Anyway, the above, as you can see was inspired both by this little musing and also D!VA‘s wonderful group gift. Mariska, as you will see if you pop down to her store has rolled out the red carpet for her groupies and has not disappointed. Of course, what makes D!VA stand out for me are the very subtle, wispy textures that make the hair look a little flyaway and very delicate which, of course was perfect for my butterflies feature. 🙂

Alice is wearing….

Hair and flower coverings (NOTE: Part of a dress. I have moved the headdress to my um…): D!VA 2500 commemorative flowers Group gift

Butterfly on finger with pose: Lolite Frog (marketplace 1L)

Eyes: Dead Apples (Group gift – free to join)

Skin: Al Vulo! Aisha porcelain (Not free – 70L fat pack with brows at the dressing room/fusion fair)

Okay…before I list this next bit…TELL ME YOU SEE THE BUTTERFLIES! These little yellow buggers come from a very charming emitter I found quite randomly on the marketplace and took me no less than forty shots to place and captured without them being in my eyes, boobs or right in the middle of the camera! lol.

Butterflies: Honney Hax Colourchange butterflies (1L marketplace)


Spot the Alice….

Yeah, yeah I know. I meant to give you guys a better look at the Lo*momo cami given that it really is absolutely adorable but, I went out in the snow and pretty much blended in. Anyways, the point of this picture isn’t the cami. Nor is it those really pretty butterfly wings from Papillon. It’s not even that gorgeous red hair from D!VA. It’s the combination of the skin and how you can replicate certain looks with a touch of colour or the addition of a cosmetics layer. The add button is your best friend when it comes to mixing up your look, particularly when you find a skin-shape combination that you really cannot part from. The skin I’m wearing actually isn’t Al Vulo, but a dollarbie from My Ugly Dorothy. I noticed the similarities between the skins, and while you cannot argue with the superior quality and value for money AL VULO gives, this skin is a cheaper, sweet little alternative for a new alt or noobie friend. It’s also worth popping along to Dorothy’s if you’re looking for something a bit more subtle than the bigger names such as Vulo, Hush or Belleza etc since their paid range is every bit as detailed yet won’t break the bank.

Skin: *MY UGLY DOROTHY* 1L skin

Rainbow eyeshadow: CheLLe Rainbow eyeshadow  (30L marketplace)

Wings: Papillon Freebie (0L)

hair: D!VA Group Gift (0L)

Cami: Lo*momo Camisole gift (0L)


Finally, fans of the tv series Grimm might notice me doing my best Adalind Schade impression here. The lovely dress you see me wearing is by Umi Usagi and comes from a lucky board. You may remember my fairies blog post (and yes, as my friend asked me: what’re the differences between your fairies and butterflies? My answer to that: …shut up. I’m a wing fetishist XD) the beautiful fields of flowers behind me. These were at Umi. It’s well worth a visit not only to see Umi’s innovative styles, grab a few things from the lucky boards but also to wander around the stunning surroundings. Anyways, enough about that. On with the show:

Dress and hairbow: Umi Usagi Lucky board (0L)

Pumps: Evie’s Closet Fantasy (part of a fairy freebie – 0L)

hair: alice project Steph (previous group gift, now for sale inworld)

Wings: Wishbox Freebie (0L)

Eyes: Umi’s Newbie gift (under 60L)

Okay, so that concludes today’s post and sorry for being absent so long 😦 Also, brief poll I’m throwing out there: This particular avatar, Alice, is only two months old for a reason. If you would like to see some of the sixty days gifts illustrated in here please let me know. I might just list them, I might model them but it really depends on whether my current readers will get anything from the photographs, since they do take a while LOL. Let me know and any feedback you can give is much appreciated

Alice xx

Curio Returns With a Brilliant New Gift! *UPDATE 08/01/13*

Fifty Shades of Free...


Edit: Look familiar? 😛 No, I’m not being THAT lazy. Special thanks to Mimms who updated my info on the Curio skins: Yours truly put the group down as ‘Curio’ rather than Rita and Gala Announcements. Duh, Al. Sorry for any confusion causes my lovelies x

Just a quickie from me. Was LM hopping and found this very generous and, as you can see from my pictures, stunning collection of skins given away free in the Rita and Gala announcements Group. You will find the skin not instore, but in past group notices. Follow these steps:

1. Join group (free to join)

2. Go to past notices

3. Find the skins as an attachment over any announcements made over the new year/holidays. They will be named ‘:GP: Party GIrl Megapack’

Gala has not disappointed yet again and, as you can see, the pictures are unedited in order to show…

View original post 77 more words

Damn you Marketplace! *shakes fist*

All right, I’m painfully aware that I haven’t posted back since Sunday night. Yesterday I was chilling with a blue and white fox otherwise known as my SL other half (I can pretty much feel him cringing as I write this. Mwahaha.) and therefore didn’t get much done blogwise. Ahem. I did a bit of hopping around inworld, picked up some goodies and needed a few extras from the marketplace tonight however, but, for some reason when I go to checkout…well it basicallly does this:


Lol. So, as you can see, though my interwebz is working either LL are having a jolly good giggle at me or my network has decided that it’s time to sloooow down. Take it easy. Relaaax. And meanwhile the following is happening in front of my computer:

Alice: ARGH HOW DARE YOU YOU <bleeping> IMMA KEEEL YOU MOFO! IMMA EAT ALL YOUR TOES! <insert similar random hollow threats,rants and general stupidity here>

Ahem. You DO NOT deprive a geek of her bloggies! A very odd conundrum indeed O.o When, or indeed if, this loads tonight and I can get the additional items for my butterfly spread I will post them asap. I will also be reblogging my Curio post from a few days before, not because I’m a lazy mofo (well, that too but…), just to clear up how to actually get the skins lol. I seem to have buggered that bit up somehow. Sowwy 😦

Thank you all for the feedback again, the hits, subscriptions etc.

Please, please don’t think I’ve forgotten you. Technical issues dearies.

Right, I’m off to go threaten…something…with a hammer.