House Hunting….

It’s been a long day here in merry old England, it’s midnight and, considering that i had posted around this time last night, I thought I might take a trip around the grid to explore the numerous hunt notices I’ve had popping up in all directions from my groups/contacts/blogs list etc for tomorrow’s blog. Having said that, I went horribly offtrack and, without any particular real theme or purpose (just how we like it!) I randomly decided to build a little home for under 50L. Or at least a little sitting room 🙂


I’ve numbered these from one to six and you’ll find my references below. The Fireplace, Skybox (with little moon lamp) and shelves are from some of SL’s best furniture designers and are part of the Cold Winter Nights Hunt which began this week. You can pick up each of these goodies by looking for the little snowflake instore for a very respectable 10L. The mannequin is from what next and is a freebie, though while I couldn’t find it inworld, I did find it on the marketplace hence I’ve linked both for you cos I’m good like that. Finally, the heartshaped chair is a freebie hunt prize from the Pimp My Valentine hunt in Ninight Creations.  This little beauty is not only frikkin adorable but comes with so many poses it’ll make your head spin and all of the highest quality. I strongly suggest you visit Nininight if not just to LM this quirky little store for payday. This hunt also began this week and I will be (hopefully) showing you some more of their prizes in the next few days.

1. Vespetine Skybox (10L – Cold Winter Nights hunt)

2. {what next} Paper Doll Mannequin (0L)
Inworld Store:

3. Fireplace from [ba] barnesworth anubis (10L – Cold Winter Nights hunt)

4. Shelf and picture frames Trompe Loeil (10 – Cold Winter Nights hunt)

5.NiNight Creations Heart Chair (0L – Pimp My Valentine hunt)

6. Glitterati Freebie Shopaholic’s Closet with Poses (0L)

Rug: Tynee Things Freebie Bedroom set (0L – Marketplace)

Just because every toon needs a home 🙂 Also shown is that wonderful freebie animated closet from Glitterati and made by the very talented (and very funny – watch her Youtube photography tutorials purely for the funniness) Katey Coppala. You’ll also notice me holding up my shopping bags here. The reason for this is simple. During my hunt, I got sidetracked (‘what, you? Never!’) and stumbled into the little greenhouse at the side of !Go! where I find, for want of a better term, a shedload of very adorable dollarbies 🙂


So, yes, you’re a wondering Alice, you come across a greenhouse full of dollarbies what do you think I did? You’re correct. Dear reader, I raided it.


Here you see me exploring the closet in search of something to wear. Not that I needed it since I might as well have trotted around in my undies all night given how adorable this particular dollarbie from !Go! is. In fact, I’m just gonna shut up. Anything you see me wearing that isn’t otherwise listed has either been featured or is from !Go!. 😛

Alice is wearing…

Outfit: !Go! Lolita outfit (1L)


Alice is wearing….

Dress: !Go! Bloom dress (1L)


Finally, the skin you’ll have seen me in multiple times. While not strictly for fifty it’s from Al Vulo and is called Aisha from TDR Fair along with the eyes. A few other bits and bobs have been featured before too including my nifty little bunny ears from monso and boots from Bee Make but hey, what can I say. I have my favourites!

Alice is wearing…

Sweater: !Go! Moment of relax sweater (1L)

Hair: Catwa subscribo gift Candy (LIMITED – 0L subscribe/join group)

Boots: Beemake designs group gift

Leggings: !Go! Jeans dress pack (1L)

Bow: Monso group gift Bunny ears band (0L)

Finally for the hunters amongst us, here is the information and the links for info on the hunts featured:




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