Playing Dress Up With AngelWing~

**EDIT 16/01/2013*** Special thank you to Lolaa, one of our readers who commented on this post with some extra info. You might remember me saying that I found the sale entirely by accident: Lolaa informs me that not only is there a sale but with a group tag there are some additional items available for free in the back. If I have time I’ll follow this up but keep an eye out. Also the prices might fall further once the creator adapts mesh items into her store. I’ll keep you posted and thank you again Lolaa xxx

Hello Strangers! Reality bites as they say and so I’ve been awol for about three days. Rest assured though dear readers, I have no intention of stopping just yet. However, I fear I’ve changed a bit since last we met…


I’ve asked around and some of the most common requests for the site I’ve had are 1. Demons/fauns 2. Kinky stuff 3. Steampunk 4. Silks. Now, I don’t know how many of you who have come from Flickr or DA or been referred here some other way have tried looking for this stuff but the word on the street is….this stuff is pretty effing hard to find. But, it has been done within Fifty’s budget! Hurrah! At least in part anyway. Fans of Wishbox and Caverna Obscura, you’re going to love this…**Angelwing**, a very similar store for the thrifty, delivers, in my opinion the same quality as the above but for a shockingly amazing sale price of 25L. I do want to mix my posts up a bit more for Fifty but I found this place purely by accident and couldn’t pass up the chance to feature it since I don’t know how long the sale itself lasts. Also take note of my horns from Lemon Tea which are still available on the Luckyboards instore and smudged mascara I found free on the marketplace: 

**EDIT 21/01/2013** And another very special thank you to Genna from SL Freebie Addiction who has provided this tip below for another demonic skin for those of you who missed Al Vulo’s version: Putting it up here since I know, like me, you all might come along click things and miss it LOL! You’ll also find the link to Genna’s site in my ‘More like this’ category. Strongly recommend you go check it out! xx

Alice is wearing….

Skin: Al Vulo – Devil is Woman (previous group gift no longer free)

Horns: Lemon Tea (0L)

Eyes: IKON New in 2013 hunt gift

Hair: Alice Project Helga New in 2013 hunt gift

Outfit Full length dress/accessories/wings **Angelwing** Timeless Dark Sale item (25L for the lot!!)

Makeup: ..::AKA::.. Black Tears Tattoo (0L – marketplace)


As well as some gorgeous fantasy gear, **Angelwing** also has an impressive selection of Gorean silks, complete with slave papers, strippable/removable attachments and some come with lockmeister scripts too! The outfits are fully mod and come with free shapes too (not pictured) and optional sparkle tattoo layers for the more whimsical amongst us (me XD). To top it all off, you get some additional pieces of jewelry. Not bad for 25L eh? The skin you see me in is a dollarbie from My Ugly Dorothy and the hair is a lovely gift found at COLLABOR88 by D!VA. More on that to follow…

Alice is wearing…

Silks/Jewelry/tattoo: Gold Sin Silks **ANGELWING** 25L

Hair: D!VA Marie Free at Collabor88 (0L)

Skin: My Ugly Dorothy 1L Skin 3

pose: Possession Free Group Gift for January


And again you see the Wing Fetishist in her natural habitat! Like I said, I WILL mix it up but this is a limited time only and I really want to promote this sale to people who might want the look of Wishbox or Caverna but don’t particularly have the money. I’m also demonstrating a subscribo gift from AdoreandAbhore given out by a very kind creator who made the poses but didn’t think they fit with a new set. Aww :). Also, take note of the COLLABOR88 special gift from D!VA. To clarify, you WON’T find the hair at D!VA’s mainstore, you MUST visit the fair (LM I will give you again below.) This is another style of the same hair and a demonstration of the shorter/longer hair option available to you at the click of a button 🙂

Alice is wearing….

Outfit/wings accessories: The Spring Fairy sale **AngelWing** (all together for 25L)

Hair: D!VA Marie Collabor88 Freebie (0L)

Pose: AdoreandAbhore Subscribo gift (0L)

Skin: My Ugly Dorothy 1L skin 4 (1L

Pumps: Evie’s Closet Freebie/Autumn Fairy


In addition to the main feature, you’ll have noticed that I’ve found, as I always do some bits and bobs that just make the whole thing pop out at you. You’ll have seen the free D!VA hair featured a few times now. This particular hair is Norma and regular visitors will recognise it, as will you recognise the Aisha skin and mesh eyelashes from The Dressing Room Fair (70L) from Al Vulo. The smoky green eyes however are a teeny item that have stolen my heart from poetic colors and are a subscribo gift. Speaking of subscribos, keep your eyes on the animated mushroom from Model Poses. It comes with numerous poses and is perfect for a fairytale scene or even addition to your garden!

Eyes: Pond Poetic Colors Subscribo Gift

Animated toadstool: MODEL poses Subscribo gift

Hair: D!VA Norma Group Gift (free join and Free gift)


Well, that’s about all I have time for at the moment! However, I’d just like to finish on a pretty little outfit from the AngelWings sale and one of my favourites 🙂 This is also a chance for me to demonstrate the quirky little freebie from model poses once more. 🙂

Alice is wearing…

Outfit: Xylia 25L sale **AngelWing**

The pumps listed earlier are part of a freebie from Evie’s closet, but everything else you see Alice wearing that isn’t listed is an addition from Angel Wings 🙂 I will be updating more regularly this week and am aiming for at least four updates a week so spread the word, bookmark us and keep your eyes peeled for my Noobie Survival guide coming soon and my Fur Mods special (when I find a spare moment lol. I’ve started but this one involves a lot of pictures so bear with me!)


7 thoughts on “Playing Dress Up With AngelWing~

  1. Thank you so much for what you share here, I spent a lot of time in Angelwings fetching nice outfits for free (well the ones in the back, since I joined the group) and asking myself which ones I will buy for 25L$ soon. I’veread that there would be a closing sale when the shop sells only mesh clothes, so I’d better wait a little, who knows if the prices aren’t going to fall down again?
    I’ll be back on your blog!!

    • Hi Lolaa 🙂 You’re more than welcome and thank you for the kind comment and your extra information. I’ll be updating my Angelwings feature to include it. Thanks again, Alice xxx

      • Well thank YOU because I wouldn’t have had so many outfits (and some inventory sorting ahead, woohooo!!) to try on without your post.
        There is a (small, considering all the free outfits in the back of the store) enrollment fee of 50L$ to enter the group, and then you can have dozens (and I mean DOZENS, but I think we’re not far from the hundred ^^) of free outfits. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Also, thanks for tips on what some readers are looking for. This past fall, there was a Steampunk hunt, and I couldn’t find much coverage on it. I didn’t even know about it until it was almost over with, but I was able to get a couple of posts done on some of its prizes. The posts were very popular.
    My blog focuses on freebies and deals and not one certain type of style. Or I try not to, at least, lol. I will definitely keep those requests in mind.

    • Thank you very much Genna! I’ve checked out your site and love what you’re doing. Thank you for the tip and if there’s anything I can help you find in the weirder side of freebie shopping let me know. I’m updating the post with your tip and a thank you 🙂 xxx

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