The Changing of the Seasons


Hello again! Dear God what a weird few days these have been without you all 😉 Monday I was getting me some serious action with a robotic fox (whom I will be showing you all in a couple of days hopefully LOL), Tuesday the marketplace broke (thank you linden labs) and yesterday I was too dog tired to do anything productive, honestly. Anyways, it’s January, it’s cold, it’s dark….but not as dark as it has been. Nights are getting lighter here and it put me in mind of the very subtle changes we all see from Winter to Spring. Roll on please. I’m sick of the rain!  Anyway, the above, as you can see was inspired both by this little musing and also D!VA‘s wonderful group gift. Mariska, as you will see if you pop down to her store has rolled out the red carpet for her groupies and has not disappointed. Of course, what makes D!VA stand out for me are the very subtle, wispy textures that make the hair look a little flyaway and very delicate which, of course was perfect for my butterflies feature. 🙂

Alice is wearing….

Hair and flower coverings (NOTE: Part of a dress. I have moved the headdress to my um…): D!VA 2500 commemorative flowers Group gift

Butterfly on finger with pose: Lolite Frog (marketplace 1L)

Eyes: Dead Apples (Group gift – free to join)

Skin: Al Vulo! Aisha porcelain (Not free – 70L fat pack with brows at the dressing room/fusion fair)

Okay…before I list this next bit…TELL ME YOU SEE THE BUTTERFLIES! These little yellow buggers come from a very charming emitter I found quite randomly on the marketplace and took me no less than forty shots to place and captured without them being in my eyes, boobs or right in the middle of the camera! lol.

Butterflies: Honney Hax Colourchange butterflies (1L marketplace)


Spot the Alice….

Yeah, yeah I know. I meant to give you guys a better look at the Lo*momo cami given that it really is absolutely adorable but, I went out in the snow and pretty much blended in. Anyways, the point of this picture isn’t the cami. Nor is it those really pretty butterfly wings from Papillon. It’s not even that gorgeous red hair from D!VA. It’s the combination of the skin and how you can replicate certain looks with a touch of colour or the addition of a cosmetics layer. The add button is your best friend when it comes to mixing up your look, particularly when you find a skin-shape combination that you really cannot part from. The skin I’m wearing actually isn’t Al Vulo, but a dollarbie from My Ugly Dorothy. I noticed the similarities between the skins, and while you cannot argue with the superior quality and value for money AL VULO gives, this skin is a cheaper, sweet little alternative for a new alt or noobie friend. It’s also worth popping along to Dorothy’s if you’re looking for something a bit more subtle than the bigger names such as Vulo, Hush or Belleza etc since their paid range is every bit as detailed yet won’t break the bank.

Skin: *MY UGLY DOROTHY* 1L skin

Rainbow eyeshadow: CheLLe Rainbow eyeshadow  (30L marketplace)

Wings: Papillon Freebie (0L)

hair: D!VA Group Gift (0L)

Cami: Lo*momo Camisole gift (0L)


Finally, fans of the tv series Grimm might notice me doing my best Adalind Schade impression here. The lovely dress you see me wearing is by Umi Usagi and comes from a lucky board. You may remember my fairies blog post (and yes, as my friend asked me: what’re the differences between your fairies and butterflies? My answer to that: …shut up. I’m a wing fetishist XD) the beautiful fields of flowers behind me. These were at Umi. It’s well worth a visit not only to see Umi’s innovative styles, grab a few things from the lucky boards but also to wander around the stunning surroundings. Anyways, enough about that. On with the show:

Dress and hairbow: Umi Usagi Lucky board (0L)

Pumps: Evie’s Closet Fantasy (part of a fairy freebie – 0L)

hair: alice project Steph (previous group gift, now for sale inworld)

Wings: Wishbox Freebie (0L)

Eyes: Umi’s Newbie gift (under 60L)

Okay, so that concludes today’s post and sorry for being absent so long 😦 Also, brief poll I’m throwing out there: This particular avatar, Alice, is only two months old for a reason. If you would like to see some of the sixty days gifts illustrated in here please let me know. I might just list them, I might model them but it really depends on whether my current readers will get anything from the photographs, since they do take a while LOL. Let me know and any feedback you can give is much appreciated

Alice xx


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