Friends, countrymen, pixel people…

As you can see, today is my day off. No workee on the Sabbath. Aka, I’m just a lazy arse and it’s Saturday. So, here I am, sitting here in my skully onesie, sipping a cup of tea and watching Sherlock Holmes (Saturday night, yes, yes…tragic.) and taking a night off from being uber, super geek. However, I’d just like to pop by and thank you all for the interest you’ve taken in Fifty so far. Yesterday, I reached a record number of hits which has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. So, to all of you: flickrites, deviant artists, random passers by, google whores, poor long suffering tagged creators and my inworld friends (who have specifically put up with my incessant rambling about this blog for weeks) thank you.  I really do appreciate the views, the compliments and the input I’ve received back on, not only the content, but the site itself. Given how new and obscure Fifty still is this really does mean a lot. Also, as a thank you to a friend of mine, Anne-Elisabeth Jane in particular for spreading the word about Fifty I have, rather randomly, decided to include the following strip from suggested by her. ‘If you can fit in’….hence I have XD Enjoy!  I’ve also linked her group ‘Roundheeled shoppers’: a great group inworld for freebie hunters and fashionistas in my ‘more like this’ section:


Anyhow, back to business. For those of you who may have only just found Fifty, I’d like to reiterate my purpose here: I am a kinky, geeky and odd sort of dreamer who wants to implement the silly back into second life, or rather, shift the emphasis from strictly high fashion and onto the simpler, sillier, much more random things. Trying to find a niche and not cover what has, inevitably, been picked up by other, admittedly, far more experienced (and slicker XP) bloggers is tough. Trying to find non human accessories or ‘alternative’ freebies/discounts has proven a little challenging but I have no plans to stop. I will persevere! You might also be wondering where the more ‘adult’ section of Fifty is so far. The answer is simply this: I’ve merely alluded to it so far because i want to keep Fifty accessible to everyone for just a little longer. Tell your friends, bookmark us, follow us on flickr…anything you can do to make this little project more well known, the bigger it is going to get.

I’ve also written this in answer to a couple of requests I’ve received for info on male clothing/accessories. Are they out there? Yes, definitely. Do I have time to find them alone? What with posting daily, holding down a full time job and, shockingly, trying to have a life, no. So, if you’re one of those people asking this same question I’ll say this: I’ll happily blog some male orientated things with the right tips or even, if you’re interested as writing as a guest blogger or model, I’d be more than pleased to hear from you.

Finally, creators and fellow bloggers out there…it really is imperative for me that I credit each and every one of you out there doing a sterling  job of providing us all with the best quality deals, items and information. To this end, if you’ve found yourself tagged on flickr or DA or some other site by this random chick you don’t know, if I do so it’s to show my support for you. Simple as. Also, if you’re a fellow freebie hunter and I’ve seen something on your blog, I’ll be referring people back to you. We’ll all cross wires, particularly over the bigger and more well known items and creators out there but I do try to be fairly original in my finds. If I see something I’d like to include and can’t find an alternative anywhere else, into the blog it goes along with the creator and original post. Also, if you’d like me to add you to my links section all I need is your web add and I’ll happily pop you down on the list.

So yeah, rambling over. Thank you all very, very much for all of your support and interest and I hope I can repay you all by keeping Fifty going and crediting the people who deserve it. Have a great weekend and here’s to 2013 🙂

Alice Wylde


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