Life is a Cabaret…


And, today, I am a burlesque queen. Back in black and wearing enough hairspray to blow up the good old USA within fifteen yards of a naked flame. Here I am, showing off some freebies and discounted goods from some of my favourite stores. Need I say more?

Alice is wearing…

Burlesque outfit: boa, pumps, ruffles, panties, suspender belt free gift from MonCheri (tiny giftbox)

Accessories (earrings, bracelet, necklace): Grasp group gifts (50L to join)

Skin: Curio free group gifts (in notices)

Blindfold: Etchaflesh (various colours and mesh): 50L


Corset (mesh): JRC mesh corset (50L – marketplace)

hair: Salome, Lelutka (not free)

Note: the frills are part of the moncheri corset I’m wearing underneath my meshy one to balance the whole thing out. If you’re new to this blog, you’ll find that I’ll always mix and match even the smallest parts of an outfit to get my own look. So, it really is imperative that if you like the entire outfit you read the wee paragraphs to see exactly how I’ve put it together 😉 All right, that’s it for links. Here are a closer look at the lovely mesh blindfold and accessories from grasp.


And the shoes which come, along with the feather boa, a corset, panties and suspender belt, free from moncheri are pictured here:


And that’s me done for one day! If you like my blog or the stuff I post subscribe, share my posts or even hit me up on flickr. If you want to be featured in my links I’ll also be happy to review and pop you on there. Have a great weekend all 😉 Alice xxx


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