Hello Kitties =^.^=

Mrrooow? You looking at me? :3


Well, hi! As some of you will have probably guessed, I’m an alt. Alice is the dolly her creator used to test out some freebies which inspired my site. I have two other aliases, one of whom is and has been a neko for five years in second life. Now, being a neko in SL teaches you two things:

1. EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER is or has been a neko at some point in their SL.

2. EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER ends up looking more or less the same at some point in their SL.

So, it’s touch trying to stand out, be yourself and keep the kawaii or the alley cat in with your neko puuuursona (I know…I just mentally slapped myself.) and much more so if you’re looking for decent freebies. Well, my first stint as a neko over five years ago started with freebies and…they were horrendous. However, I have searched long and hard to put together some cute little starter outfits for my feline friends out there. I have also been searching for some *decent* under 50L latex and have found none better than Powers of Creation. Any fellow kinksters or lovers of the shiny, visit the pay as you like section at the back of the store to pay anything from 1L upwards for your favourite colours 🙂 So, here goes:

Alice is wearing….

Skin: Jesylilo skin Autumn light 2  (GIFTS ARE STILL OUT GO GO GO! – 50L join group)

Eyeshadow: Glamorize Rival Combo makeup (1L – marketplace)


Latex suit: *Poc** pay as you like catsuit (pay as you like – 1L up)

Hair: Hair Lo*momo group gift Canna Pink (0L)

Eyes: Psychotic neko freebie eyes (0L)

Kitty Ears: Curious kitties mesh ears (10L)

Boots: White boots womenstuff hunt [l u x] (0L)

Pose: bounce this pose – marketplace (2L – free inworld though couldn’t find!)

Bracelet: needful things (80L join)

Tails: tintable tails [S N] (0L)

Phew! And if that isn’t enough to get you started, Lo*momo have given both the skybox you’ll see me standing/sitting/lounging in and several more hairs away free to their group including this wonderful kitty themed hair…


Hair: Hair Lo*momo setaria gift (lavender – 0L)

Cami top: Cami Lo*momo group gift (0L)


Collar: Gift from the Adoness store wide snowflake hunt (1L)


You can also get a better look at the eyes from Psychotic neko there which really are quite lovely, as well as the skin from Jesylilo. I keep harping on about it but people, look. The creator has left 80 something prizes out for an extra day. 80+ skins, clothing, eyes, shapes….gtfo and go see her! Also, this segment gives me the chance to mention the fantastic Adoness Snowflake Storewide hunt. Find the snowflakes and you will pay anywhere from 1L to 10L (fancy meshy clothing and hair). Hunt runs until beginning of Feb and you’re looking for a snowflake. Duh 😛 Pick up your leftover pennies and head down there:


Today also marks the LAST DAY OF THE WOMENSTUFF HUNT and hence your last chance to pick up, what can only be described as this glorious skirt and, in the next picture, corset from Etchaflesh. If you haven’t had a poke around for these already, do so. I know a lot of the bigger blogs have covered these already so this is a reminder: GET GOING! And yes, I can be bossy sometimes. Mew? Can I cute it down for you?

Alice is wearing…

Nails, hair, corset: the Adoness Snowflake hunt (1L, 10L, 10L respectively)


Skirt: Etchaflesh womenstuff hunt gift (OL) ENDS TODAY!


Pearls: AXL pro fashion group gift (1L)

Skybox: Lo*momo free gift (0L)



And finally, honourable mention goes to this wonderful pale demon figure I randomly created. Because I can. And am random 😀 Lemon tea (part of the fantastically named Two Cats One Cup – furries, just an FYI, if you’re looking for good mods and tails, TCOC are your first stop. Sadly, not free but worth it.) are giving these horns away and a rather suggestive item  *wink wink* so head on down there to grab your copy from their Lucky Board. Ahem…one more time now!

Alice is wearing…

Skin: Apparence, Lilou fairy Group gift (free)


tv and poses: Everglow (marketplace 0L)


Righto, that’s about all I have time for. I will, as promised be chasing up my modifications tutorial on Wingless Emoto’s furry avas so keep tuned and please do let me know if you’re enjoying the blog so far 🙂 If you’re interested in more of my work, you can find me on flickr, or to show the world that you are both (almost!) free and unique, tag me so I can see your interpretation of the gifts offered.

Thank you and mew mew xxx

Corset: Etchaflesh womenstuff hunt gift (free)



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