New Year, New You!

Hello out there! Hopefully you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve last night and may 2013 be merry and bright! Less merry on my part, I think <she says, nursing a mammoth hangover> For this reason, I’m giving you all another of my ‘quickies’ and the theme is…hangovers and fresh starts. Doesn’t it just roll off the tongue? What? Didn’t like it? I’ve a body mass of about 90% champagne, what did you expect XP Anyways, on with the show!


On the theme of Hangovers is the wonderful 88 Christmas presents special which closes later on today so get down to Jesylilo! As usual, Lilo has excelled herself with these wonderful, high definition and wholly unique skins, accompanied by a selection of group gifted eyes, clothing and accessories. You will need to join the group, but at 50L for all of these looks, it’s a steal and, having been a member of the group for some months, more than worth it. You’ll also see the IKON eyes from the New in 2013 hunt, featured in my last post, and this new subscriber gift from Truth with removable hairband and optional sparkles. They also come in a range of colours so well worth a trip 🙂

Alice is wearing…

Skin: *JeSyLilo* Autumn light skin 1 (group gift, feel 50L)

Hair: Truth Hair Group gift for 2013 (0L)

Eyes: IKON New in 2013 hunt (free)

Necklace, hair dealie: Needful things VIP gift (80L joining fee)

All right. I hear cries of ‘FOUL!’ as I paste that last link, however, you may have noticed me holding or brandishing some rather strange but fantastically cute things such as my squirrel pipe or my many necklaces or mouthies. These are all from Needful Things and well worth the joining fee considering there are at least twenty free gifts including necklaces, novelty items, mouthies and clothing.


Thing slike this cute animated dolly key 🙂

Skin: *JeSyLilo* Group gift (50L joining fee) Autumn Light 2


Skin: *JeSyLilo*  Jesy Bee lightskin 1 (group fee 50L)

Eyes: *JeSyLiLo* Katy Autumn eyes green

Mole (tattoo layer): *JeSyLilo* Group gift

Accessories: Bracelet, frappacino, Needful things (80L joining fee…are we getting the message yet XD)

Aaaaand another….


Skin: *JeSyLiLo* Xmas group gift skin (50L joining fee)

Accessories….I’ll give you a prize if you guess where they’re from XD


Ready yet?

You win! Here’s your prize…yet another look 😉


Skin: *JeSyLiLo* Ganguro light skin (group fee 50L)

Shirt:  *JeSyLiLo* superman shirt

All right, phew. I think that’s enough linkage for one day. Have fun, enjoy the rest of your New Year and go now, go fast to JESYLILO TO GET OVER EIGHTY THINGS FOR 50l! 

I’m off to nurse my hangover. See you tomorrow 🙂 Alice x



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