Alice Wylde

Hello and Welcome to Fifty Shades, the geekier and kinkier side of freebie hunting in Second life!If you’ve found us, congratulations! You’ll have probably figured out by now that we’re a fledging blog dedicated to bringing you guys the cheapest and most high quality deals around, while revealing SL’s best and worst kept secrets! Blah, blah, blah…yawn, right?

Skepticism might rear its ugly head when we’re compared to the bigger guys such as FabFree or Slhunts or SLfreebieuniverse etc, so let me tell you a bit about us and why we’re hoping to bring something different to this particular niche. While I, the blog’s creator, am a big fan of the above sites, I’ve always felt there was something missing, something I’d personally like to see covered: a blog for all species, shapes, sizes that can rock the alternative styles, races and inject a little more fun into the blogging world. As an avid fetishist in both worlds, I’d also like to see more offered towards SL’s massive fetish community. So, in this vein, while the comparisons won’t (and hopefully, shouldn’t) ever go away, please don’t write us off as another copy-paste since that genuinely isn’t the case. Inspired by but growing away from strictly high fashion blogging, let’s say. I’m not quite ready to grow up yet so let’s explore the more whimsical, silly, fun side of SL together 🙂

The three ladies you (WILL XD…editing photos…editing..everything!) see above are – shockingly- all me. Why three avatars? hey, I’ve been in SL a long time (circa 2007). I get bored. So sue me. Why use them all in this blog? Simple, they’re all different shapes, styles and species. Alice, however, is who you’ll be seeing most of. She’s my newest acquisition created with a mere 50L, minus her hair :O I’ll be using her in our 50L or less avatars category. If you’re starting afresh, looking to spice up your av on a budget or just curious I urge you to pop in there.

So, that’s it in a nutshell! have a look around and please do follow us. For any inquiries, hints or if you’re looking to write for us please drop us a line at FiftyShadesofFree@hotmail.co.uk


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